Animal And Insect Intelligence

Respect Nonverbal Beings


Most know that dolphins, primates, elephants are among the smartest mammals.

It seems all beigs have some kind of intelligence.
There are hundreds of thousands of videos of animal intelligence on Twitter, youtube etc.
Free pigs in muddy hillside climb back up repeatedly and slide down
pigs doing puzzle
bear putting traffic cone upright
cat opening door for dog
cow playing fetch the ball
dogs dying of grief at human companion's grave
The dog who waited 9 years for his human companion's return not knowing the man had died
The story of Greyfriars' Bobby of Edinburgh who lingered by his human companion's
grave from 1858 to 1872
There is video on the internet of 2 bees cooperating to remove the lid from
a Fanta bottle
Parade Mag. in the past reported that a fly experiences 2 moments of anger after
someone attempts to smash him or her. The research sounds unethical.

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