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The 7th Day Adventists as well as Food For Life and Food Not Bombs do international vegan food relief.
ffl.org foodnotbombs.net

Because of meat, dairy, eggs and fish, Americans remain the most obese people on earth. This is 1 of many factors in the expense of American health care, while
countries like Canada, Germany, Italy have free health care. India has a free hospital performing 10,000 heart surgeries annually. It is in Bangalore.
https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/journal-of-the-american-dietetic-association/issues (may have ceased publishing in 2011)

In any one year, vegans have a 15% lower chance of dying than others

In 1972 the NY Times reported 3000 people had choked to death on meat, making it
the 6th cause that year of accidental death. God protect all throats. Vegetarian Henry Heimlich, MD, a Cincinnati surgeon, developed the Heimlich maneuver to force meat out of the throat.
However his research involved feeding large chunks of meat to dogs. How many
of the dogs choked to death?

Fruit most nonviolent.. only food not from killing or enslaving animals or plants.
Meat most violent.
Fruit and nut trees reforest. Slaughterhouse products deforest.
Fruit: highest acreage yield. Meat lowest
Fruitarians weigh least. Meateaters most.
Fruit drops silently Meat comes from screaming murder
Fruit least production energy. Meat most
Fruittrees stabilize climate. Meat harms it.

Fruitarian Eating: Most Nonviolent, Healthiest, Highest Acreage Yielding,Reforesting
by Fruitarian Network
Saturday Feb 12th, 2011 11:53 AM
Nut groves and orchards can yield 450,000 lbs of free food per acre. Slaughterhouses yield 100 to 1000 pounds of decaying cadaver food.
Every time a fruitbearing tree drops free food, wealth is created out of nothing through the agency of a
seed, sunlight, rain, and mother earth.
Money does grow on trees.. on avocado, macadamia, mango, plum, apple, almond trees. Dried cherries are even better than raisins
and come from trees which help the environment more than vines.
So tell me.. do celery stalks around
the world send cards to fruitarians
on their birthdays?

Succotash: lima beans, green beans, corn, kidney beans or other
bean corn combinations

Fruitarians derive protein from seeds, nuts, nutmilks, almond, macadamia, pecan and other nutbutters,
from peas, beans, from veggieburgers made with nuts or beans
and even fruit has a small amount of protein Fruitarian food
includes chili non carne with kidney beans, tomato paste, olive
oil, lentil burgers, salads of tomato, avocado, cucumber, green and
red pepper,
succotash with lima beans, green beans, and corn, pecan pies
with no animal products, chocolate mousse made with tofu
and dark chocolate chips with no dairy, ice cream made from coconut milk, etc While there are
a few kinds of animals sacrificed for human appetite, there
are literally millions of varieties of what people might think
of as vegetables which are actually fruits.

Fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, pumpkin, cucumber and grape vines, fruityielding plants have the highest yield of any food, are the most nonviolent, the only food containing the seeds of eternity, the healthiest food, the most energy conserving

Orchards of centenarian trees can yield 450, 000 or more pounds per acre as compared to 100 to 1000 lbs for animal flesh. Trees can grow on scrub land if they are started and maintained through irrigation. Australian Richard St Barbe Baker was responsible for the planting of billions of trees in the world.


William Shakespeare's comment on the cause of Alzheimer's in his play "Twelfth Night" is "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit." Modern research indicates it is the amyloid
plaque, formed from the residue of the protein in animal and fish
flesh, which lines the cerebral arteries blocking the flow of blood
to the brain. In addition the cerebral arteries are blocked
by the animal fat obtained from the cadavers' cells, by calcium plaque from dairy products
and by environmental toxins.

Conversely, vitamin C, derived only in uncooked fruits (and
some vegetables) speeds the flow of brain signals across
the synapses.

Flesh is the densest grossest
slowest food while fresh fruit is literally
dancing with light.

a lentil burger

Fruitarian Leonardo DaVinci: an analysis of his notebooks
indicates he ate no flesh. He was a fruitarian and the genius was also the strongest man in Florence, says a biographer.

Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein at age 19 as a treatise against lab research on animals.. was a vegetarian.

Mathematician Ramanujan: a vegetarian

Albert Einstein.. a vegetarian who ate 1 bite of meat a year on a Jewish holiday to appease his wife. He spent the rest of his
life after WW2 grieving over his role in the dropping of the atom

Pythagoras, discoverer of the Pythagorean theorem: a vegetarian

Nicola Tesla, genius inventor, was a vegetarian, reported
Pandeva Zagar

Linus Pauling: only winner of both the Nobel Peace and Biochemistry Prizes, advocated
fruit as the food which most approximates neural transmitters. He wrote a book on vitamin C as the body's natural toxin bouncer. His work so threatened pharmaceutical multinationals that he was followed around on his lecture tours by them. Vitamin C also speeds the flow of electrical signals across the brain's synapses. Unfortunately Pauling's Center For Orthomolecular Research after his death was subsumed by the University of Oregon, a primate torturer, which has not advanced his work
Pauling defined an orthomolecule or right molecule as a fruitarian or fruit-based one. He wrote that the neurotransmitters of the brain are all fruit based. .Vitamin C is best taken in whole uncooked fruit a. to buffer
the stomachb. to allow the time
release of the water soluble vitamin
and c. because cooking destroys C) C
also removes toxins from brain cells.

Benjamin Franklin, author of 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' was a vegetarian when he discovered electricity. Later in Paris he
wrote that he had lapsed into venison and venery (venereal disease).

Daniel, chapter one, records that Daniel would not eat the defiled meat of the king.
Because of his dietary charity, God gave him increased visions and mental clarity.

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that fish eaters with high levels of PCB’s in their bloodstream have difficulty recalling information they learned even just 30 minutes earlier.

Just as we find that eating a lion's heart brings not courage but adrenalin we find that eating monkey brains brings not intellect but Mad Monkey or a variation of kuru.

We all have the same Indweller God inside, but some have a greater opening to the God within.


1 Animal fat clogs all arteries, including cerebral arteries, and leads to stroke and heart disease, the world's number 1 killer.
2 Amyloid plaque, a byproduct of animal protein, causes Alzheimer's or senility
as it lines the cerebral arteries, cerebral cells, and all the arteries of the body.
3 Mercury reduces long range memory.. and is concentrated in animal and fish flesh
as well as toxic vaccines
4 Prions: the work of Nobel laureate Dr Stanley Prusiner was put on a back burner at Harvard, which is invested in the meat industry. He left and continued his prion research at Stanford. Prions are a cause of Mad Cow or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, cervine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Deer) etc. http://www.mad-cow.org 7000 articles http://www.madcowboy.com
5 Monosodium glutamate MSG is not intrinsic to meat but is put into the muscle flesh of meat to tenderize it. It also breaks down the muscle and nerve tissue of humans eating the MSG meat.. it is called the Chinese restaurant headache cause.
vitamin C: speeds up the flow of signals across nervesynapses in brain and elsewhere.. is in all uncooked fruit.. is in no meat or dairy http://www.acorn.net/fruitarian
a. caused by animal fat occluding cerebral arteries
b. caused by tryptophane, an animal flesh protein which
generates sleepiness
c. caused by animal protein digestion (a lion sleeps 3 days
after devouring a murdered antelope)
d. caused by amyloid plaque.. a byproduct of animal protein... cause of Alzheimer's Disease as it
lines and blocks the cerebral arteries
7. There is no vitamin C in any animal product. Vitamin C speeds the flow
of neural signals across the brain's synapses as well as eliminating toxins
from the body.
red blood cells
Vegans and fruitarians have more red blood cells per cubic centimeter. Their blood is more purple. More red blood cells means more flow of oxygenated blood to the brain.
9 no adrenalin Adrenalin, a fear and terror hormone secretedby agonized animals, is a long protein enzyme, some of whose links remain intact after cooking.. giving similar biochemical effects to meat eaters and interfering with concentration.

What additives harm brain function

1. aspartame... causes brain lesions... was originally developed by Searle as an antkiller
2. monosodium glutamate... MSG...the FDA which has not banned this "Chinese Restaurant Headache Syndrome" chemical allows this animal flesh tenderizer (because it
breaks down muscle cells and also brain cells) to be labeled 'natural flavor http://www.msgtruth.org/
3. tens of thousands of pollutants in the water, air, soil

http://www.pcrm.org 7000 members nearly 1000 of whom are vegan MD's
http://www.vegsource.com Michael Klaper MD
http://www.vegansociety.org Stephen Walsh MD

Leonardo da Vinci: One day the world
will look upon the eating of animals as it now looks upon the eating of human beings.
(It is an analysis of his Notebooks by
authors such as Dudley Giehl which indicates that DaVinci referred only to the eating of fruits and pastas (the latter is a fruit under the definition that it is the product of a plant.

Albert Einstein: (paraphrased) The most important evolutionary step humanity can take is to evolve toward vegetarianism. Dr. Einstein said in his autobiography that angels gave him the theory of relativity.

Isaac Newton wrote that he was an aspiring vegetarian.

Representative Dan Burton has held hearings about the danger of thethe hepatitis vaccine. Its mercury is related to autism and to the causation of multiple sclerosis.

While all are temples of the indwelling God
and while all can access God's omniscience (for it is the
size of the opening to the Light within which determines
consciousness) those with the highest number of Phd's
both per capita and in numbers are the Asian Indians*
who have been more vegetarian than any other group.

We all have the same Indweller God inside, but some have a greater opening to the God within.

Sai Baba, believed to be an Avatar or God Incarnation by over 100 million people
http://www.sathyasai.org http://www.eaisai.com/baba

Dick Gregory author
of Cooking With Mother Nature for Folks Who Eat who convinced the poster
to aspire to fruitarian diet.. who has run across America
to focus on justice issues

Ananda Mayee Ma, self realized master, was a fruitarian who waited
until the fruit dropped from the tree. That is easier for
those who live where many fruit trees grow.

As cholesterol and plaque slowly build up in the brain, they can slowly be eliminated through chelation
therapy or fruitarian or vegan diet. Fruit juice fasts can eliminate these
toxins more quickly.


a chapter on fruitarianism in The Holy
Science by Sri Yukteswar
Dick Gregory's Cookin with Mother
Nature for Folks Who Eat
Morris Krok's writings




The healthiest food (see below for .vitamin C . weight loss. .natural fiber .least food poisoning .antiacidification .most digestible .natural for anatomy .prevention of calcium oxylate kidney stones . electrolyte balance . polysaccharides which prevent insulin exhaustion .fruitarian oils like olive oil best for heart .counters sleep-inducers .contains no volatile sulfur gases {onions do} .most natural prevention of scurvy, beri beri, and pellagra .eyesight conservation .bouncer of free radicals .stimulate enzymes which detoxify carcinogens, immune system booster .prevent diet-related diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease through high potassium and other factors . no artificial colors, flavors, or MSG . the most efficient B12 {hydroxyl cobalamin not cyanocobalamin} .ulcer prevention with less hydrochloric acid)

The only nonviolent food (no killing or theft from animal or plant) No branding, castration, or eartag punching of voiceless innocent animals.

The most nonviolent in harvest as well (prevention of harvester-caused deaths to humans and field mammals) (75,000 human accidents and some fatalities yearly.. as well as millions of mammals and other creatures sliced by combines, harvesters) (Gandhi said goats' milk kept him from being a full fruitarian.)

MOST GENEROUS the only freely given food, from the fruit tree which bequeaths all


The most free food (freely given and no cost are not the same)(bury peachseeds in your back yard and come back)(May all who wish them have back yards)

Saves meat inspector costs, cattle raising tax-supported subsidies etc.


Best feeds the hungry.. the food with the highest acreage yield (400,000 lbs. per acre) (spherical 3 dimensional fruit trees produce more than linear two dimensional rows of vegetables.) Dr. Faust, former chief of the USDA fruit labs: Centenarian apple trees can drop 2 tons each of food. (This is further multiplied if fruitbearing vines are planted around tree trunks and fruitbearing plants are placed interarboreally. This is called tri-level agriculture.)

MOST DIVERSE food yield with millions of varieties of hundreds of thousands of species, as compared to the relatively few species
of animals sacrificed for human appetite.

Only fruit, not animal or fish flesh, not stolen dairy products,
not vegetables from the killing of plants, contains the
seeds of multiplication. Eating locally grown fruit with seeds
(unlike some watermelons and grapes genetically engineered)
automatically works against Monsanto and other seed monopolists.


The only food which can reforest the world (saying yes to tree products)
In reforesting the earth fruit and nut trees prevent erosion & mudslides and stabilizes temperature extremes And brings rain to desert, dust bowls and drought areas And trees along with vines create oxygen
And purify and filter the air
And reduce the noise pollution of the planet.
The most efficiently wrapped (nutshells, banana peels, coconut husks)
The most decentralized (can be grown wherever are light, water, earth, and air)
Fruit trees, bushes and vines provide the most fabric for the planet (cotton etc.)
Fruit trees, bushes and vines provide housing materials (not in the form of wood from the killing of trees but fallen palm fronds etc. used in tropical housing.) 18b: Fruit eliminates the problem of flesh-containing trash which attracts neighborhood cats and dogs.
In reforesting, fruitarian diet adds greentree privacy screens
Those who let things be have no time, money, or landfill problem with the raking of fall leaves.
And re-provides a home for wildlife
And trees eat carbon dioxide which prevents global warming 22a: Fastest to prepare.. the Goddesigned fast food is fruit.


Since fruit has the most prolific yield of any food, and since any food can be turned into fuel, fruit (corn is only one of many) is one of the best sources of alternative fuel. (Fox TV Jan 24th: High fiber foods like oats give longer energy flow.)
The most energy free food in cultivation, harvest, and compost disposal. (Dr. Don Meyer: a lb. of vegetables takes l/80th the production energy of a lb. of animal flesh)(Fruit foods are in tri level agriculture 450 times as energy efficient as meat)
Fruitarian soaps leave none or the least bathtub rings while animal soaps (with lard or tallow) leave the most.
Fruitarian cotton paper lasts 400 years. Libraries are finding that tree paper lasts 60 to 100 years.
Fruit is the most easily reproduced of of all foods. It can be windsired.
The diet of humankind before we worked by the sweat of our brows
Because it is the most easily reproduced, and the most diverse, it most easily makes new non-laboratory species.


The most beautiful (stained glass lime.. green pepper belltower where little seedbells hang)(fruits of almost infinite hues.. from most intense to most pastel.. from red passion to violet compassion)
The food which most preserves the body's beauty (the most vitamin C (none in animal products)(vitamin C firms cellular tissue)
Fruit is the sweetest food, meat the most bitter.
Fruit is the most fragrant.. with petaled fruit blossoms which effortlessly attract bees

Of all dietary groups, fruitarians on the average weigh the least (Dr. Mervyn Hardinge's isocaloric study at an Ivy
League University which he left because of the institution's
investment in slaughterhouse stocks found that after
3 months each subject having the same number of calories, nonvegetarians weighed the most, vegetarians
12 lbs. less and vegans 23 lbs less with fruitarians
not in the study weighing the least.)
(You can't be too rich or too thin.. say the actuaries about centenarian men.) (The causes of overweight are only tangentially overeating. Some of the root causes are fear of starvation, fear of sexual intimacy, a need for a weight blanket to counter sensitivity, unreleased anger, chewing as a relaxation device.) There have been a number of fruitarian diet books written, such as one on grapefruit, one on grape juice etc. Susan Estrich, former Dukakis presidential campaign manager, currently a law professor at UC, spoke of struggling with hundreds of diet books and overweight for 30 years, says be prepared to walk past vending machines by having apples in your purse or briefcase.


The uric acid (pre-urine) in the muscle cells of animal flesh is an addictive trioxypurine, even more so than caffeine (dioxypurine) A diet of much fruit replaces addictive biochemicals.


The adrenal poisons dumped by animals fighting for their lives in slaughter re-create depression, fright, and anger in those eating the animal flesh. Adrenalin is a long protein enzyme chain whose chain links are only partially broken by cooking heat.


General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army found that vegetarian diet is a natural antidote to the biochemical marriage of meat and alcohol. Current researchers find that as alcohol solvents outside the body cut grease, so do they inside. (May other cities have proportionately as many corner fruit stands and fruit and smoothie vendors as the Big Apple has.)
Fruits which are uncooked or eaten within 3 hours after cooking do not develop sleep-inducing bacteria (known in ancient over 20,000 year old Sanskrit as tamasic)


After 3 days, animal flesh starts to
stink. Nuts are Godwrapped and
last for years, requiring no earth
harming landfill clogging packaging.
Apples last months in a cool fruit



The food which saves the most time (compare 3 hours for a roast to 20 seconds to peel a banana or 3 minutes to cook a fruitarian burger ) (Compare the time to scrub a roast pan and all the concomitant dishes to the time required to compost a peel.)
Because fruit is so prolific, it melts away money, political and outside control systems which depend upon scarcity.
Promotes Meditation:

As high quality wiring helps channel electricity into a home, fruitarian diet is a ground for Spirit. Specifically lauric acid in coconuts is conducive to a meditative, peaceful state.
Just as the infra-red to ultraviolet light spectrum increases in frequency from red through orange and yellow to green blue and violet, so in fruits and foods in general. Therefore, limes are better than lemons. Violet grapes are better than crimson cherries.
Promotes Focus:

John Feinstein NPR Sports spoke of Bill Walton on the Portland Blazers team scoring in 21 of 22 basket attempts. (During that time Mr. Walton was wearing Love Animals Don't Eat Them tshirts at press conferences.)


Besides the consumption of
cloned cadavers of Dolly and other
hundredth lambs, The FDA and USDA also allow:

1. the spraying of animal flesh with
a 5 virus blend called bacteriophages
2. carcinogenic irradiation of meat
3. the passing of Mad Cows, Mad Pigs,
Mad Fish, Mad Chicken etc.
4. female hormones banned by the EU
and correlated to breast, prostate
and uterine cancers to be given to
animals to make them gain water
5. food poisoning deaths to be blamed
on vegetables.. before there is any
6. cadavers to be passed through
by speed doubled inspection lines
.. animals with cancerous tumors
and discolored flesh, animals covered
with flies..;. whizz by
7. the hiring of illegals at Swift,
Cargill, Conagra, Tyson's, Perdue
and other slaughterhouses
(for who else wants to be ankle deep
in blood, urine and fecal matter..
in very cold places, murdering
animals fighting for their lives.. )
8. aforementioned consumption of
cloned animals
9. cadavers full of insecticides,

Ann Veneman of the American Meat
Institute and then the USDA now
heads UNICEF, spreading American
flesh hazards around the world to
children. Semantics are designed
to obscure hazards. Thus leukemia
is leukosis in a chicken, though
this is the same disease and can
be transmitted through consumption.

Captive cattle are kept not
only in concentration camps but
grazed on federal land which
prevents reforestation.

Wall St. mutual funds are heavily invested in toxic, brutal, environment
destroying stocks, despite the
fact their volatility makes them
very dangerous.

Fruitarian chocolate cherry mouse pie

Corporate media rakes in tens of
billions annually on the advertising
of these toxic products, and silences
news of the feeding of cattle parts
to chickens in factory farms (Mad Chicken).

American tax dollars are stolen to
advertise fast food overseas.

Best for Economy . . . in Centenarian Trees Many Fruit Cents become Dollars:

Money does fall from trees. Look at the $2 avocados. If a centenarian avocado tree drops 2000 avocados that's $4000 per tree, $400,000 oer acre.
The food most resistant to currency fluctuation (CNN on Jan 18th ran a Swiss Radio International report which finds that businesses which marry ethics and economics do better in the long run.).
Fruit is light's expansion. Meat is killing's contraction. Love is expansion. Selfishness is constriction.
The food best for stable economies..(The drought which can destroy linear rows of plant crops does not kill orchards) (Thank you Jimmy Stewart for ordering tomato juice on the train in your movie.)


Prevention of choking on meat and fish, the 6th highest cause of accidental death.
The food which causes the least grease and stove fires (Prevention of industrial accidents listed elsewhere).
Prevention of Sexual Dysfunction:

Dr. Michael Klaper MD lectures on vegan diet as a help for impotence.. relieving cholesterol pressure in arteries. He states that a 25% blockage of arteries can cause 4 times that much obstruction.
The least breast and prostate cancer.
The least gynecomastia (male breast growth from female hormones present in meat and dairy products)
Crime Prevention:

The food which causes the least incidence of rape (the female hormones given to cows, pigs, chickens, etc. cause an excitation of the sexual system in those who eat animal products) added to by adrenalin based violence (from the fright hormones secreted by animals before slaughter).
Cotton fruit can eliminate forest destruction for paper.
The pectin in apples is a fruit source for candles.
Fruitarians need less dish soap and therefore less rinsing water.
Coconut meat is an excellent chew toy for dogs.
Reduce sulfuric acid. The volatile gas of sulfur in onions, when mixed with the lachrymater of tears.. becomes hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid or other sulfur compounds.
World Peace and Justice:

Over a decade ago, a government research paper indicated the major cause of the crisis in Poland was a lack of meat. Entire populations were addicted to the uric acid (trioxypurine) in meat. Breaking addictions is a factor in world peace.
General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army ended alcoholism for London drinkers through nonmeat diet. (His father General William Booth advocated planting fruit trees along railroad tracks, in parks etc. to create food for the poor.) kept the British Navy from scurvy. So the sailors were called limeys.
A Czarist navy ship mutinied sparked by meat full of maggots. This led to an overthrow of Czarist anti peasant, anti-worker policies.
Fruit lasts longer without refrigeration or freezing. Nuts in a shell .. apples in a cellar .. coconuts within the husk.
More efficient military. The British navy found that limes prevented scurvy. The Odessa mutiny of the Czar's Odessa ship was sparked by sailors refusing to eat maggot infested meat.
Politically uniting: combines the freedom granting of the poor and the left with the conservative nature of the right.
Self Replicating:

The only food which can reproduce itself (containing eternal seeds)
The only self replicating food (Fruitarians who believe in plant sentience would be upset with Nostradamus' suggestion that in a special recipe one needs 300 roses plucked before dawn.)
Oil Source:

The oil used in eating fruit and cooking with fruit (coconut, olive, corn, nutoils etc.) is also oil which can fuel vehicles and oil machinery.

God Designed:

Genesis 1:29 The Garden of Eden Behold I have given you herb-yielding seed. To you it shall be for meat. The Hebrew holiday of Tu B Shvat or the awakening of the fruit tree sap is one example.
Buddha: May all that have life be delivered from suffering. If plants are sentient, have feelings, this prayer implies not killing them and not using insect killers, known as insecticices. There are frequent references to fruit in the Quran.
The Essene Gospel of Peace and the research of many Biblical scholars indicates the pure diet of Jesus. His anger in the temple over money changing animal sacrificing, his cursing of the barren fig tree are some indications.
In Hinduism, Rama the first embodied avatar, was fruitarian 14 years in the forest. Krishna, the first avatar to descend with all power, was a lacto-fruitarian (eating fruit and dairy at a time when animals were loved and not factory farmed). Mahatma Gandhi tried to become a full fruitarian . Gandhi felt his love of goats' milk a barrier. He planted fruit trees all over his ashram.
A fruitarian eats nothing which has been killed or stolen. That supplants meat, dairy, and plants with the thousands of fruit and nut combinations on the planet. E.g., a fruitarian can eat an avocado sandwich, a coconut milk shake or the purest coconut ice cream made from the milk and meat of the fruit, veggie burgers made of lentil or beanpaste or tofu etc.,,a succotash of corn, limas, peas, and tomatoes, sweets made with corn syrup or date sugar, or fructose, pecan pies made with fruit sugars, fruitshakes made of a mixture of orange and banana, pear and peach, pomegranate, papaya, and plum.. a pizza of tofu, tomato, and pepper (not pepperoni), salads of tomato, cucumber, green and red peppers (but not lettuce, cabbage, or celery), nutbutters such as almond butter, tahini (a mixture of sesame seed, lemon juice, and hummus {chickpea paste}, cornbread and muffins.

The scriptures of several religions and the research of several anthropologists including that of Dr. Marvin Katz and Dr. Leakey, the son of another famous Leakey, indicates our frugivorous origins. Another implication of fruitarian diet isorganic food, since insecticides are not used with their carcinogenic and bone and teeth harming results. The book The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar has a fruitarian chapter which inspired Dennis Weaver 40 odd years ago on the set of Gunsmoke to give up meat.
Industrial Safety--Preventing Industrial Slaughterhouse Accidents:

A UFCW union steward has said that most worker accidents occur in slaughterhouses. Fruitarian diet prevents the following accidents:
Workers are kicked, bitten, and scratched in the head by terrified animals fighting for their lives unsuccessfully.
Contract ear problems from the screaming and shrieking of the animals,
Have problems with bones in relation to the cold storage rooms.
Cuts from the metal machinery, running into computer line knives.
Alcoholism and drug use from trying to deal with the animals' suffering they are constantly absorbing.
The reduction of OSHA staff and the use of illegal aliens to fill these jobs, some of the most unpopular in the industry, intrinsically means more accidents.
Electrocution from machinery near liquid secretions.
In slaughterhouses where pig flesh is scalded, there are frequent burns.
Open grease pits for blood, grease, feces, urine are traps for tired employees.
There is ligament tearing in the back, shoulders, and arms from the lifting of 100 lb. or several hundred lb. carcasses.
Carpal tunnel is a frequent complaint of meat cutters.
As a 1980's administration doubled the legal speed of the line, there is a consequent increase in accidents.
The deregulation of some slaughterhouses has meant less trained personnel.
In fish slaughter, there are also bites, scratches, hook accidents, fishing line accidents, drownings and other trauma.
Prevention of contracting the animals' diseases in contact with slaughterhouse fluids (blood, feces, urine, vomit).
Slip and fracture themselves on blood, urine, vomit and feces soaked floors,
Lung problems from constant exposure to feather dust (A Japanese movie shown on Bravo is a tale of peach trees cut down as their spirits speak to children.).


your additions would be appreciated

http://www.fruitarians.com.ar .


http://www.rawtimes.com 1-888-RAW-FOOD or 619-229-8259
(unfortunately some raw groups include bloodied flesh)



Sri Yukteswar, guru of Yogananda THE HOLY SCIENCE..
a chapter on fruitarianism
Dick Gregory Cookin With Mother Nature For Folks Who Eat
The works of Morris Krok
Dr Palm's book on the grape diet


http://www.pcrm.org http://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian http://www.thefruitarianlife.com

http://www.pcrm.org http://www.thefruitarianlife.com


1. keep the enzymes which fight cancer and which are
destroyed by heat...
2. preserve the vitamin C, the body's toxin bouncer, brain signal speeder and flesh firmer
3. preserve the fiber, the bulk, destroyed by cooking.. the fiber
which prevents intestinal cancer
4. prevent carcinogen creation by heat... even worse
than the stove or oven is the microwave
5. avoid the heavy metals in canned goods which contaminate
the contents
6. prevent fires caused by cooking
7. prevent energy waste caused by cooking
8. prevent some deforesting packaging waste
9. less violent to the smallest beings.. the ones invisible
to human eyes
10. save time
11 lots of juices in diet cause weight loss
.. since the liquid fills one up sooner


Isocaloric (same number of calories in each group) studies done by Mervyn Hardinge at Harvard indicated that 3 control groups (vegans, dairy vegetarians, and nondairy vegetarians) given the same number of calories daily had a 23 lb.differential after 3 months, with vegans weighing 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians and 12 lbs. less than vegetarians. Fruitarians studied elsewhere weighed less than vegans. Epidemiological studies of populations of billion or more people (India and China) as well as those of Italy, Okinawa and other countries indicate the less meat and more fruit and vegetables the less obesity in the people. http://www.pcrm.org 7000 MD's

The CDC USDA NIH FDA have been protecting the multi trillion dollar meat industry by deliberate misdiagnosing of Mad Cow in the US as encephalitis, meningitis, Alzheimer's, Jakob Cruetzfeldt Disease, stroke, tumor, food poisoning etc.http://www.mad-cow.org 7000 articles http://www.madcowboy.com
http://www.maddeer.org http://groups.msn.com/madfish9 http://www.ivu.org/recipes

The Inuit of Alaska, Greenland, Iceland have the shortest life expectancies in the world (discounting war, childhood poverty
diseases, accidents, depleted uranium from bombs etc.) and have had for over 150 years. It is rare for an Inuit male eating only animal protein and fat to live over the late 50's. Conversely the longest life expectancies are in the centenarian vegetarian tribes
(Villcabamba of Ecuador, Hunzas of Tibet, Azerbaijans of the Caucusus, monasteries in India). (Source: National Geographic Jan 73) http://www.veganmd.org

The Atkins Foundation has published studies to justify its claims. Those who reported the biased research did not mention it was conducted by the Atkins Foundation. Clear Channel, heavily funded by the meat, dairy and fish industries, has pressured its white male talk show hosts
to go on the diet as free advertising for the animal flesh
industry. http://www.mediaaccess.org http://www.clearchannelsucks.org http://www.petitiononline.com/lovepigs

for many reasons including that it causes bleeding ulcers, food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, cancer, heart disease, strokes. http://www.drmcdougall.com/

Michael Klaper MD and many others have written and lectured on the role of animal fat in clogging
penile arteries, blocking function, as well as the role of female hormones in animal products in causing
prostate cancer. http://www.vegsource.com/klaper

Atkins and other pawns of the meat and animal products industries like to say that carbohydrates turn to sugar. What they do not say is that proteins also turn to sugar, but only after the body is exhausted shearing the nitrogen
off of the protein and eliminating it as NH3 or urea. Carnivores have 5 times the kidney size per lb. that humans have. http://www.acorn.net/fruitarian

Adelle Davis, advocate of organ meats, frequent tv guest, died in her 60's of a melanoma cancer. Dr Stillman, from whose work Dr Atkins borrowed, died suddenly. His tv shows were cancelled.

An African doctor said after many decades that it was his observation that large volume of human waste equals small disease. Small waste equals large disease. Humans are frugivorous or fruit eating. Primates have the longest intestinal tracts in the world. Carnivores have the shortest. Carnivores are built to get rid of putrefactive (rotting) meat quickly. It remains in humans' intestinal tracts, causing appendicities, food poisoning, constipation
and ultimately, intestinal cancer. Animal protein and fat when heated form carcinogens such as methylcholanthrene and malanaldehyde.

The uric acid or pre urine in the muscle cells of meat or animal flesh is called trioxypurine. It is much stronger
than caffein which is dioxypurine. Both crystallize in needle shape and gather around joints causing the pain
of arthritis. The Atkins diet accelerates this process.

Lawyers suing fast food chains have not yet used the addiction argument. Trioxypurine, uric acid is more addictive than caffeine, dioxypurine. http://www.pcrm.org

Since 97% of all food poisoning fatalities are animal product related (ecoli, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, etc.) Atkins Diet multiplies the chances of contracting food poisoning.

Dr Loving at Ohio State found in measuring humans in fights that as long as 22 hours after, epinepherine
or adrenalin levels in the blood were elevated. Those who ingest animal flesh are eating the adrenalin, the
fright, anger and terror secreted by the animal who fought against or fled from slaughter.
Adrenalin is a long protein enzyme. Only some of the links are broken by cooking. Violence is caused
by the eating of meat.


* The Atkins diet is high in memory destroying mercury and other heavy metals. Why? Animal and fish products are at the top of the food chain. Rachel Carson inThe Silent Spring wrote of the poisons in water that can be concentrated in amounts 100 to 1000 times higher in fish.
* Animal protein plaque lines the brain and is corrlelated along with aluminum and alcohol to Alzheimer's.
* Animal fat lines the cerebral arteries blocking blood flow. William Shakespeare (or Marlowe) in Twelfth Night: "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit."
* The Atkins diet has no vitamin C. C, wrote Dr Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winning neurochemist who discovered new elements, is necessary for rapid transmission of brain signals.
* Blood is diverted from the brain to the stomach after a heavy meat meal. Carnivores sleep in the sun for 3 days after a fresh kill.


Every pollutant in the war is concentrated in a thousand times greater amounts in meat. Mercury, pbb's, pcb's, arsenic, chromium, lead are some of the tens of thousands of industrial pollutants, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics.

http://www.ivu.org/recipes 1800 recipes
http://www.vrg.org/recipes If you want more protein in your
diet (most Americans eat way too much) tofu, tempe, nuts,
grains, seeds are a much better source.

ANIMAL VICTIMS http://www.peta.net
http://www.hsus.org http://www.meatout.com
MOTHER EARTH VICTIMS http://www.greenpeaceusa.org
http://www.farmusa.org http://www.sierraclub.org
SPIRITUAL ASPECTS http://www.jesusveg.com http://www.jewishveg.com http://www.islamicconcerns.com
http://www.plumvillage.org http://www.hindu.org
http://www.citiesforpeace.org http://indymedia.org

There is no law prohibiting fast food chains from putting offal, intestinal linings, lips, eyes, snouts, etc. in their Nuggets. This poor little girl's head was fried and served at a Newport News outlet.

Recently Dr Neal Barnard, director of a 7000 vegan MD PCRM has authored a book on the dangers of low carb diets. http://www.pcrm.org


There are some thoughts in the http://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian
website which are not contained here.

Vegetarian vegan and raw restaurants and stores
raw food restaurants

A Southampton school study:

Children of high IQ more likely to become vegetarians (and vegans and fruitarians)

There are hundreds of thousands of videos of animal intelligence on Twitter, youtube etc.
Free pigs in muddy hillside climb back up repeatedly and slide down
pigs doing puzzle
bear putting traffic cone upright
cat opening door for dog
cow playing fetch the ball
dogs dying of grief at human companion's grave
The dog who waited 9 years for his human companion's return not knowing the man had died
The story of Greyfriars' Bobby of Edinburgh who lingered by his human companion's
grave from 1858 to 1872

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