15 Of Myriad Ways Many Vegans Are Violent


15 of many ways most vegans are violent
1. buying 5any machine harvested grains etc which kill countless animals
per acre
2. buying sugar from countries in which sugar cane is burned before harvest
3. not buying 100% organic.. insects are killed
4. killing trees through purchase of newspapers, magazines, wood, writing paper,
bags, store packaging, purchase of homes made of lumber
5. buying plastic bags (imho paper bags are worse.. deforestation perhaps the
#1 cause of climate extremes)
6. purchase of habitat destroying oil and gas
7. speeding causes roadkill
8. virtually all cars run over insects or find them on windshields\
9. numerous studies by Chandra Bose, Luther Burbank, scientists listed in The
Secrete Life of Plants etc. indicate plants have feelings. Only 100%
fruitarians don't buy them... personally I haven't met any
10.Mowing kills baby rabbits, toads, butterflies, bees, ants, groundnesting birds,
sapling trees, plants etc.
11.Buying medications, vaccines or other products tested on
lab animals
12.Many of us are not lifetime vegans
13.violent thoughts
14.violent speech
15.violent action

Writer has done many of the above

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