How to use a Garmin Vivosmart Watch?

Sonia Alley

Using a smartwatch differs from using a normal watch, as it comes with more features and a whole different system. In fact, a connected watch can be used in watch mode that is to say like normal watches, or in GPS mode or in GPS mode and connected. These three modes of use offer different functionalities. By activating the GPS mode we have certain functionalities, by activating the connected mode we have other functionalities. We will see these features in detail in the following.

Use in watch mode
As the name suggests, using in watch mode means using this watch like normal or traditional watches. It is therefore limited to displaying the time and date in certain cases. In watch mode, the watch does not consume a lot of energy, moreover, the battery can last for days in this case unlike the other two modes which are very consuming. This is the simplest mode that you can opt for, moreover it is not very useful since its functionality already exists in simple watches.

Use in GPS mode
You just need to activate the GPS to be able to use the watch in GPS mode. By activating it you will have access to several features, so you will have information on your activity including the number of steps, the distance covered, the pace you can also know your position, find your way back if you get lost. In the case of more efficient watches, you can have an even more interesting feature that allows you to protect you in case of discomfort. In fact, the latter makes it possible to detect incidents and send your location to your close contacts (those that you have indicated as being close contacts).

Use in connected watch mode
To be able to use the watch in connected mode, it must be connected to your phone, to do so, you must first synchronize it. In fact, most smartwatches are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones, so you can connect your phone without worry. Once the watch is connected to the phone, you will have the option to receive notifications from the phone. When we say notifications, we mean calls, messages, as well as reminders… you will even have the possibility to respond to them as well as to connect to social networks.

FAQ: customer questions
Are Garmin watches compatible with any phone?
Indeed, connected watches are designed so that they are compatible with all smartphones. The most used smartphones are Android and iPhone smartphones, so all watches are compatible with these two operating systems. This is also the case with Gamin watches. Some watches are also compatible with smartphones that run on Windows, this type of smartphone is not very common, but there are Garmin watches that are compatible with it. If you are worried that your watch may not be compatible with your phone, find out before buying it or you may come across a watch that cannot be connected with your phone.

What are the best Garmin watches?
There are various models of Garmin watches, each with its own design and functionality. We cannot judge one watch to be better than the other because it varies according to the ranges and the prices too. So if you want to have a high performance watch expect a pretty steep price. On the other hand, if you don't want to spend a fortune on a simple watch, expect a lower quality watch. In this guide, we present you some watches from the Garmin brand, so you will have a clearer idea of ​​which watch to choose. You can even watch the watch that matches the criteria you are looking for.

Are Garmin watches sturdy?
This is a question that is repeated often among customers, and we will answer it. In fact Garmin watches are of very good quality, they are known for their reliability and resistance. It is one of the best brands on the market in terms of quality. However, the durability of the watch's life does not only depend on its strength but also on its use. You can have a very sturdy watch, but if it is not well maintained and it is exposed to repeated drops, it is clear that it will be damaged after a while. Even if it continues to function, it will be degraded on the physical level and on the technical and mechanical level, that is to say that some functionalities will not work correctly. To sum up,

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