Ted Cruz, Texecutioner

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Ted Cruz: Arguing For State Murder Before The US Supreme Co
Fragments of the Ted Cruz record

Ted Cruz was appointed by his friend Greg Abbott, then Texas attorney general, now governor,, to be solicitor general.


In his 9 cases before the US Supreme Court, five times Ted Cruz argued in favor of Texecution murder. Once he defended Republican gerrymandering which stole the voting franchise from his Latino brothers and sisters as well as other political parties.. . He defended Texas' record of withholding Medicaid from many poor children. He tried to keep a man in jail who had already served many years beyond the mandatory 2 year sentencing.

I and II

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, was a Solicitor General in 8 of the 9 times he argued cases before the US Supreme Court. Five of his cases involved upholding Texecution. Twice he argued for permission to execute (murder) Jose Medellin against an order from the international court and in disregard of the request of G W Bush to give Medellin a new hearing.

Cruz was defending Texas courts' disregard of the Vienna Convention, Article 36, which gives all foreign nationals the right to contact their embassies or consulate. Because the Republican dominated U.S. Supreme Court disregarded the international treaty to which the US is a signatory., Cruz won the case which the world considered an illegal bloodletting.

The International Court of Justice cited 51 Mexicans barred from contacting their embassies. (There were also Canadian and German victims.)


A second time Cruz went before the U.S. Supreme Court to argue that LaRoyce Smith be murdered by the state, despite the fact that the Court had previously ordered the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to reconsider the case because of improper jury instructions. The highest court ruled against Cruz's attempt to murder in this instance. In addition Cruz ignored the fact that LaRoyce Smith was adjudged to have a mental disability or to be intellectually disabled.


In yet another attempt to murder a prisoner, Ted Cruz argued that Texas should be able to execute Scott Panetti, though he was adjuged schizophrenic and unable to understand why he was sentenced to death. Cruz lost. In 2015 the courts still had not decided if Panetti was mentally sane enough to be executed.


In Kennedy v. Louisiana, Cruz sought yet again to murder a prisoner. Patrick Kennedy,
a rapist. The Court ruled against Cruz who represented Texas and lawyers for Louisiana since rape is a lesser crime thanmurder and therefore execution would be a violation of the 8th Amendment, according to the justices.


In League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry March 1, 2006, in betrayal of his own Latino brothers and sisters, Cruz argued that Texas Republicans had a right to gerrymander districts in such a way that Latinos were disenfranchised. It was a partial victory, the Republican Court ruling that 2 districts must be redrawn but that the rest could remain.


In Frew V Hawkins Ted Cruz defended Texas' position in denying Medicaid to many poor children. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against him.


For stealing a calculator from a Texas WalMart Michael Haley was sentenced to 14 years in jail, despite the fact that state law limited the sentence to 2 years. Ted Cruz in favor of keeping Haley in jail.

IX The last case was as a private citizen for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. in a patent dispute over a deep fat fryer.


"We have no dog in the fight of the Syrian civil war." said Cruz before he switched and advocated tripling the bombing of Syria, a bombing in which at least 4 other countries were partaking.


Cruz has been like many Republicans a critic of scientists calling for measures to reduce climate change.


Cruz could not answer how many Muslims are in the US when CBS' Nora O'Donnell asked. The number is 3 million, less than 1%. Cruz advocated police patrols in Muslim neighborhoods, though unlike in Europe, Muslims except perhaps in Minnesota, Michigan and a few other places are not ghettoized. In response, the NYC police commissioner said there were 1000 Muslim officers in the NYPD, and perhaps some of them were guarding Cruz when he came to New York.


Cruz told Arab Christians they were consumed with hate if they did not stand with Israel


Like Hillary Clinton, Cruz has strong ties to Goldman Sachs. His wife receives a 6 figure salary there. John Kasich worked for Lehman Brothers at the time it was going bankrupt.

Goldman Sachs, heavily invested in war, received billions in taxpayer funded bailouts from the government though it was not in trouble.


The Cruz campaign put out a false story right before the caucuses that Ben Carson had left Iowa, which was not true. The Cruz campaign spread inaccurate robocalls in the Carolinas as well.


While President Obama was mending severed ties between the US and Cuba, a work of

great importance in our troubled world, he received criticism for 'yukking it up' from Ted Cruz. Donald Trump, John Kasich and Paul Ryan all criticized the President for not coming

immediately back from Cuba when the Brussels bombings occurred.


Cruz' position sides with huge corporations controlling the internet and against net neutrality.


Of the 44 presidents, 4 or 9% have been from Texas. 3 of the 4 (LBJ and the 2 Bush's) have initiated war or expanded it.

Oil, cattle slaughter, and military spending drive the money machine of Texas.


"It is the job of a chaplain to be insensitve to atheists." -Ted Cruz-


Cruz in whose state students can carry concealed guns into classrooms is an opponent of gun control.


Ted Cruz defends racist animal butcher, bowhunter Ted Nugent

In his filibuster, Cruz chose to read Green Eggs and Ham.





Ted Cruz defends racist animal butcher Ted Nugent, bow and arrow hunter.


Image is the art of Vasily Vereshchagin It is called The Apotheosis of War but could be
about the violence of govt murder in execution chambers.

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