CSpan Callers Opposed To Supreme Court taking up abortion law

Women's Sovereignty

CSpan callers have overwhelming negative reaction to SCOTUS taking up MS abortion law
and interfering with a woman's right to choose. Calls were 80% opposed. The opposition was
from Democrats, Republicans and third party people.
1. Women are tired of male legislators, male doctors, pastors etc. telling women
what can be done with their bodies.
2. Women unfairly have more birth control duty than men.
3. The planet cannot handle more people
4. Should a 2/3 male SCOTUS decide?
5. "Prolifers" neglect poor children after they are born..
6. Some don't believe in a soul. Others believe a soul
doesn't enter a body til the quickening or 1st heartbeat.
7. Childbirth takes the lives of many women each year.
8. In some states, the standard has been whether the fetus is viable (able to live outside the
mother's body).
9. Abortions in the case of rape or incest are further considerations.

One woman who had had 3 abortions went to a psychic who knew nothing about her.
The psychic said that a soul had knocked on her door 3 times and the 4th time
she would let the soul in. The woman burst into tears, because she believed
she had not taken away someone's right to human birth but had only delayed it.

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