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Alkaline diet helped father beat cancer. "He came across the Nobel prize winner Dr Otto Wahlberg’s claim that cancer could not survive in an oxygenated, alkaline, cellular environment. This stuck with him, and he decided to change his lifestyle." He ate whole, not highly processed foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, but no grains.

Ebola black op

Vegan substitutions baking guide

War crimes: Bombing children, adults, animals, birds, bulldozing the Gaza Zoo .. knocking down cages smashing the animals inside under the machines,
bulldozing centenarian olive, lemon, and other fruit tree grovesn reported the zoo atrocity, torturing Palestinian activists, stealing the ancient homes and land of Palestinians, intentionally bombing the media bldg. in Gaza which housed AP, Al Jazeera, etc, giving the journalists 1 hour notice, not allowing them to take their equipment. Biden is now ignoring the 14 other Security Council nations voting for a ceasefire as he continues to defend Netanyahu's hatred projects.

Do the rightwing evangelicals who support Netanyahu really believe God wants them supporting the bombing of children, the caging of people in concentration camps, torture of their activists, theft of their ancient homes.

What do MD's employed as animal researchers at NIH, Ft Detrick, Barnes AFB, a college or corporate lab have in common? They've all violated the Hippocratic oath 'first do no harm

Millions of frogs face decimation

Winston Smith MD: 90% of covid 19 deaths occur in people with preexisting conditions

According to Oxford University:
Going #Vegan is the single biggest thing anyone of us can do to halt #climatechange, reverse deforestation, preserve biodiversity, stop species loss and save the Planet. Oxford has voted to have a no meat campus.

42% of the Palestinian population are under 15 years of age. The average age is 20 years old
Perhaps only the young can survive the concentration camps in which Netanyahu keeps Palestinians prisoner. Israel lobby in DC

Perhaps Jerry Yang, cofounder of Yahoo, can get Verizon to restore the millions of Yahoo Group sites it erased when it bought Yahoo. When Yahoo bought Egroups, Yahoo promised to keep the groups going.

Public taxpayer money protects private wealth.
Can't remember which person wrote that police put their lives
on the line for the very rich who would make them go to the back door.
It is interesting that nearly all of the 20 top US landowners have
animals being raised for murder on their land, proving again that
nearly all great fortunes are a result of great crimes.

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