Senator Rand Paul, MD Vs A Fauci


'Gain of function' is research weaponizing animal viruses into bioweapons directed against humans. Obama discontinued the unethical research in 2014 but when Trump became president Fauci without notifying anyone outside NIH acted illegally in reestablishing it. He gave coronavirus samples and 7 million dollars from a federal agency EcoHealth for the weaponizing of SARS. The illegal research which caused the pandemic continues in 11 labs in the US. Dr Ralph Baric at a North Carolina lab has worked with Shi Zhengli, a Chinese doctor at Wuhan. Together they
developed covid19 with money and coronavirus samples from Fauci. That is part of the message that
Senator Paul had on May 11, 2021. Fauci for decades had also resisted nonanimal methods of alternatives to lab animal torture. Fauci owns scores of patents including at least 4 on the Moderna virus. video has the entire hearing of Walensky, Fauci, Kessler etc before the Senate health committee.

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