Part 2: How To Protect Bees ...

Bee Protectors

What is #NoMowMay... a reduction in mowing to give bees more wildflowers from which to make honey.

Leave your lawn unmown for the month of May and let the flowers bloom on your lawn. Then, at the end of the month, find out how many bees your lawn can feed with our Every Flower Counts Survey.
The exciting new results from the 2020 survey show our lawns are more important than ever for pollinators, and that more people than ever are mowing their lawns less often.
We’d love you take part and count the flowers on your lawn. The exciting results from the 2020 survey will be available when Plantlife’s

Bees are essential to fruit tree polination. It does seem that they like workers do all the labor while others (in this case human honey eaters) take the profit. In a world of vanishing meadows, insecticides, apicides (beekilling chemicals), and increasing extremes of heat and cold it is harder for them to survive. They are threatened by 1. beekeepers who clip queen bee wings to keep them in one place. 2. unconscious removal of racks from the hives during which the bees are crushed 3. some beekeepers who would rather kill the whole hive before winter than feed the bees their own honey.

66 reasons not to mow (this list is not for areas of drought and wildfires)
In addition, there have been a number of lawsuits fighting against compulsory mowing ordinances in the US
#NoMowMay twitter

George Bernard Shaw: I love little children too but I don't cut off their heads
and stick them in vases.
Sai Baba: Why pluck a flower and hasten its death.
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