Never Subscribe to a YouTube Channel!

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You should NEVER subscribe to a YouTube channel, at least never more than one at a time! Let me explain why.

You should NEVER subscribe to a YouTube channel, at least never more than one at a time! Let me explain why.

YouTube creators receive all kinds of metrics, about how "YOU," personally, use their channel, particularly, about what videos and categories of videos you watch and watch the most. While, this, in isolation, is not completely evil and "somewhat" to be expected. What, is "not" expected and has enormous potential for evil, is the fact that any YouTube creator, that you are subscribed to can see all the other channels you are subscribed to and the videos you are watching, on those "other" channels. After having been subscribed to the "Rob Braxman Tech," channel, for only a week and watching a video about "providing misleading data to Google by using another browser to play videos, you're not really interested in, to corrupt or "salt" the profiling, "The Corbett Report" channel released a video on the same topic, within hours. This is not the first time this has happened. I have been experiencing this phenomenon, since at least "2018!"

This is also done to your product "watch" list on eBay and other on-line stores. Within weeks of shopping for "pearl-necklaces" on eBay and saving the items, I liked, with their "watch" feature, these same items showed-up on mannequins, in "brick and mortar" store windows. Talk about "instant" profiling, "Oh My God!" I can only imagine what's next. *To make this example a little more concerning, let's assume I was looking for "sex-toys" at "," or shopping for "hunting-vests" at "Walmart" or "Cabelas." Do you see how quickly this can become dangerous? In fact, if you are added to the "US Terrorist Screening Database," or some other "watch-list" because of this, you can even, "secretly," be placed under "house-arrest" and under continuous surveillance, by your local police and neighborhood watch (this is called "managing suspects," in the community, under community-policing methodologies). This can eventually lead to "banning" (in the real world), which "will" eventually lead to loss of housing and job loss.

THINK! Do you really want to subscribe to a YouTube channel, "that" badly?!


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