April 5 Animal Rights And Other News

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Today's News

Mars makes very high priced candy such as Snickers using eggs, milk, sugar etc.
1. Besides Mars' use of small cages for chickens whose eggs they steal
2. There is no excuse for Mars to continue using animal milk instead of almond, oat, coconut or other milk. There are many vegan substitutes for eggs.
3. There is no reason Mars needs animal research. They still do some.
A UN study found that worldwide men commit 96% of murders.
Judge Irma Asberry dismissed the charges of animal cruelty brought by ALDF against the Van Dam dairy in San Jacinto CA. Perhaps if Irma Asberry had been treated the way cows are heropinion would have changed.
Top 11 vegan documentaries (Added Seaspiracy if it was not already on the list)
Geoff Sobey #Pigoneer
Favorite Lines: Geoff Sobey:
Rain, rain beautiful rain. Nectar of the Gods to fill our tank
91 pigs froze to death at Smithfield pig murder plant in Nebraska...
Which is worse? freezing to death or subsequently being stabbed to death?
Dr Kary Mullis, Nobel winning inventor of the PCR test,
said it was wrong to use it to test for covid19 since it
gives so many false positives... asked Fauci to debate him.. Fauci declined
Many Buddhists, Hindus, Jains,
mystical Christians, Jews, Sufis etc. believe we all get out alive.
Our bodies like old clothes wear out and we either
take on a new body or similar consciousness or
merge with God as a river merges with the sea.

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