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Today's News

Cow playing fetch the ball with human companion
Pigs sliding down a muddy hill... climbing to slide down again
bear resets fallen traffic cone
Cat opens door for dog
Clover, a dog, saves Haley his human companion after a seizure
many videos... pig bringing food to brother, animals grieving,
chicken watching tv etc
Weeds, the strongest plants.. volunteers.. producing oxygen.. regreening barren places.. providing seed for birds... small workers in preventing climate extremes, plants many humans don't value
Robot sweepers cannot protect small bees, butterflies, spiders
15 million doses of J & J vaccine ruined in production
For 325 years early Christians were vegetarian followers of the Essene vegetarian Jesus until Constantine, an animal eater, became emperor and convene the Council of Nicea, presiding over bishops convened and requiring removal of certain bible passages..
Unfortunately Jesus' veg. diet has been suppressed by
many Christian sects.
Vegans: no mammal, bird or fish flesh,
no milk or eggs, no wool, silk, leather, suede or fur, no hunting, snares, circuses, zoos, or rodeo,
no ivory, down, or feathers, no cage or crate or pen, no
branding, castration, taildocking,
horn burning,
no electroshocking, no hanging animals upside down, no thirst, no insecticides, no animal testing, no declawing these are in poem form in a version by Rolando Celina
Animal IQ, Compassion, Etc
For theists... vegan and vegetarian websites
C Buddhist vegetarians Muslim vegetarians Interfaith vegetarians & vegans

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