33021 Animal Rights, Death Penalty And Other News

Today's News

Univ of Wisc Torture:
Metal coils were implanted in the cat's eyes and a steel post screwed into her head. She was starved to make her more obedient and her body
was kept in a blue nylon bag to keep her from moving. Her head wound became
infected. She was killed and her brain was dissected. No meaningful
knowledge ever came of Univ of Wisconsin (Madison) torture of countless cats
over decades.

Slow Learner
In my high school then women were forced to take
home economics. I looked at the chart subdividing cows with dotted lines without connecting it to the meat on my plate.. Later I saw the
film Mondo Kane about animal torture around the world and still made no connection. I had to meet a fruitarian
to wake up.
The Most Massive Genocide
The most massive genocide in history... countless quintillions of animals, birds and fishes murdered and eaten... it cannot be proven.. the bodies can't be found... they've been eaten.
Most Executing Countries
Countries performing most capital punishment: China, US, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Belarus, Oman, Taiwan. In 2020 only 4 states murdered prisoners, but Biden's White House predecessor made sure
over a dozen federal prisoners were slaughtered.
http://amnesty.org http://innocenceproject.org http://tcadp.org http://otse.org
Those in charge must make
Louis DeJoy resign.
A talk show guest suggested that Louis DeJoy's paycheck be mailed to him rather than direct deposited. It's long past time to remove DeJoy who broke up mail sorter machines, removed post office boxes, and deliberately
slowed down mail. Many Democrats in Ohio did not
receive absentee ballots
even 5 weeks after application.
The 200,000 animals on many ships who did not eat or drink for 20 days are prisoners on death row, sailing closer to their deaths, the ones still alive that is.
Zapopan Became the first city in Mexico legally to protect farmed animals.
"The Biopharmaceutical Industry Provides 75% Of The FDA's Drug Review Budget. Is This A Problem?" Yes it is and one half of the World Health Org. budget comes
from drug cos including vaccine makers.
CNN protects advertisers and so on March 30th denied
the truth that covid is spread also by food. Dutch health authorities, the UC Davis and other university research,
Chinese lab tests affirm farm animals transmit to humans and vice versa e.g. when slaughterhouse workers sneeze
Nonviolent sources of protein include
Tofu. 1/2 cup firm: 19.9 grams.
Chickpeas. 1 cup boiled: 14.5 grams.
Lentils. 1 cup boiled 17.9 grams. http://pcrm.org
Most in US get twice the protein they need, according to a Mayo Clinic nutritionist. Excess protein causes kidney stress, acidification
A powerful film about moving animals to their deaths
Slaughterhouse owners want a steady supply of undocumented desperate workers because the job has the highest turnover in the US. Workers are kicked by
terrified animals, cut, sometimes losing digits or limbs from sharp knives, as
slaughterhouse lines sped up by Republican presidents
Reagan and Trump whiz by with agonized animals. Pigs' screams can be 130 decibels causing deafness.
Workers must labor in constant cold. They slip on
the slurry of blood, feces, urine and machine grease. Since early in 2020 slaughterhouses have had the highest incidents of covid since animals can give the virus to humans and vice versa. Most human beings hate killing animals. In the 19th century butchers could not serve on British juries. It was felt the job desensitized them to violence. The 2 links below relate
Hormel workers paralyzed from breathing in blood mist and the countless injuries at a Cargill slaughterhouse.
Pigs in Dutch slaughterhouse scream while
cooked alive.

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