The 2024 Presidential Race


As Donald Trump has said he wishes to run for president in 2024, this is a tiny part of
his record.

1. waged illegal immoral wars against Yemen through Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan whihad ch killed millions, maim millions more, create refugees, spread poverty in the US, harmed our real security by multiplying hatred around the world,

2. kept Guantanamo, an illegal prison, going

3.appointed a torture supervisor to head CIA US policy included targeting the children, parents and other relatives of alleged terrorists

4. institutionalized racism with his appointments of staff and cabinet.. incited

rally attenders with encouragement of violence, said police should not try to

prevent prisoners' heads banging on car when putting them in back seat

5. privately promised to privatize Social Security

6, destroyed public schools through Betsy DeVos

7. privatized prisons, giving profiteers a motive to jail innocents

8. worked to privatize Medicare

9. put 3 executioners on Supreme Court and caused 13 federal executions... first

time in 16 years

10. destroyed our forests through Dept of Interior pick

11. enraged 1.2 billion Muslims through his polarizing prejudice

12. talked about jobs while giving the Dept of Commerce to pension thief Wilbur Ross

13. nominated Steve Mnuchin who had through reverse mortgage loophole evicted

over 40,000 widows or widowers from their homes

14. threatened the use of nuclear weapons

15. threatened giving nuclear weapons to other countries.

16. sent coal miners back into lungkilling mines with their caveins

17. deliberately delayed US mail to keep absentee ballots from being


18. hired Nathan Sproul as had Bush, McCain, Romney. Sproul operatives

went to jail for running phony voter registration drives and throwing

away Democratic registrations

18. let California forests burn without assistance

20. followed a policy of defunding states with Democratic governors

21. He and every Republican senator supported a bill which became law

which legalized clubbing hibernating bear cubs in their caves etc.

22. He rolled back many environmental laws of the Obama administration

23. Spoke publicly against Chinese (which has illegally been violent toward

India, Tibet, Taiwan, those in the s China Sea) but privately he and his

daughter had businesses there.

24. The Dept of Justice before Trump began to live in the White House threatened him 3 times with legal action. Finally Trump began to integrate his rental sites.

25. He worked with his father to end rent control.

26. He filed for bankruptcy 4 times, so US citizens paid the bill.

27. He would not pay his illegal Polish laborers who worked on Trump Towers

even the $5 he had promised.

28. He added 3.5 trillion to the deficit even before Covid, the majority

of the money going to arms merchants and weapons systems, etc.

29. For a long time he watched the violence on Jan 6, 2021 at the US capitol

without calling off his white racist supporters.

30. With his habit of personally attacking and insulting those who disagreed with him,

he brought to a new low White House standards.

31. Andrea Bernstein, author of a book on Jared and Ivanka Kushner, reported that Jared's family frequently had Benjamin Netanyahu as a guest and that he was in effect the defacto US Secretary of State through Jared Kushner

32. Thousands of children were seprated from their parents who were attempting to
migrate to the US. These children were kept in cages or sent thousands of miles
away, often being lost in the system.

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