The Semantics Of Animal Torture

Language is often used to deceive.

Semantics Of Animal Torture

Nefarious semantics is designed to hide the truth, just as abbatoirs and animal research labs are hidden. It is a cruel synecdoche to call cows 'head of cattle" They're not just their heads. The terms 'fresh meat' and 'fresh fish' are oxymorons No cadavers are ever fresh. The phrase 'Loaded for bear' projects hunting slaughter onto the 95% who don't hunt. 'Killing 2 birds with 1 stone' is linguistic violence promotion. Using 'beef up' as a phrase
for strength is a lie. Vegetarian animals, elephants, gorillas, oxen etc are much stronger than carnivores .'Field dressing' is a euphemism for skinning a just slain mammal. They are not packing houses but murder houses. Some 'health' departments are even calling them 'disassembly plants'. Not hunter green but hunter red, for the blood they shed. Not coonhounds.. no deity designed a dog to tear apart raccoons. Deer are not 'harvested' but killed. 'To human' is not a synonym for homicide. Why is 'to fish' a phrase for suffocating innocents. They're not clamdiggers. They're pants. Why is the identical disease called leukosis in chickens and leukemia in people though it is transmitted to humans by eating them. Why did they change cowpox to smallpox? To obscure the role of animal flesh in disease causation. Why is it dogfood but livestock feed? Not kangaroo court. No kangaroos try their fellows with intent to execute them. They're not cattle futures. Cattle have no future. It is profiteers who benefit from their subdivided corpses. It's not pork but a pig cadaver. Not gravy but blood mixed

with flour, though it turns human bodies into graves. No herd is thinned. No flock is culled. Why call it jerky. They've stopped jerking when sufficient blood is drained.They are victims of zooicidal human chauvinists. What is termed meat is the muscles of victims of our species. An animal is not an it. Animals are he or she.


*Hunter green as a term did not pollute our language until 1892.

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