Update On Centers For Disease Control CDC


The CDC began as yet another federal agency like the NIH and FDA, controlling access to pharmaceuticals. Its unelected officials have gradually turned an agency which should defer to the legislature into a dictatorship.
1 Despite the fact that the Smithfield pig slaughterhouse in South Dakota had the highest percentage of infected workers in the country, that slaughterhouse workers in general had the highest numbers of infected, that farm animals could also be infected, and that meats were testing
positive for coronavirus, the CDC declined to keep the slaughterhouse closed for more than 4 weeks.
2.Knowing that chicken wings have tested positive for cor0navirus, the CDC has failed to warn the public.
3.The CDC highly publicizes the 3% of annual food poisoning incidents related to fruits and vegetables, while rarely
aggressively disseminating news of the 97% related to meat, fish, egg and dairy. Fruit and vegetable recalls are
caused by insecticides, herbicides, worker hands. Meat, fish, egg and dairy food poisonings are caused by all of those
as well as by the massive bacteria inside the cadaver of a murdered animal. Those include ecoli or colon bacteria.
4. The CDC denied Howard Lyman's proven assertion that there were widespread Mad Cow (and other species spongiform
encephalopathy) cases in the US, though a US circuit court ruled against his attackers because the truth is not libelous.
5. The CDC has failed to run public service spots or dispatch representatives to tv and radio shows to warn against the hazards of animal products, the world's prime causes of diseases: heart attacks, many kinds of cancer, strokes, aneurisms,
kidney failure, food poisoning, Alzheimer's, arthritis, ulcers, acidification, constipation etc. related to animal and fish flesh, eggs and dairy. It has ignored research at UC Davis and Univ of Minnesota and by
Dutch health authorities that farm animals can contract covid 19, that
the highest rates of factory infection in the US are in slaughterhouses,
that animals can infect humans and vice versa, that beef from Brazil, Bolivia, and New Zealand, pork, chicken flesh and seafood have been found
with covid 19. The virus can last up to 3 weeks in chilled or frozen food.
The CDC is criminally neglectful in not warning the public of the dangers of
meat and fish covid contamination.
6. Instead the CDC and its affiliate Emory University continue the crucifixion of primates and billions of other animals. The agency has violated animal protection laws. Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory Univ, affiliated with the CDC, has several thousand primates (tens of thousands already dead)
and a history of violation of animal protection laws. Primates found dead
in cages with power washers. A primate killed by rubber band constriction
7. It was finally forced to remove mercury compounds from pediatric vaccines after losing lawsuits, but continued to
have them in flu shots.
8. Its unelected officials have usurped the legal authority of legislatures
9. It has worked to exempt vaccines from lawsuits and from mandatory peer review and long term safety tests.
10.It has criminally minimized many times over the dangers of death and serious injury from vaccines. While Harvard
research indicated 2.6% of vaccines caused death or serious injury, the CDC was claiming only 1 in a million had such
reactions. No one can test the accuracy of its or Johns Hopkins casualty figures because of HIPAA privacy rules.
11.It has failed to warn of the dangers of vaccines, the contamination from xerotransplantation or mixture of animal
and human ingredients, toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, aluminum, mercury compounds which
cause Alzheimer's, dangerous antibiotics needed to prevent further bacteria growth from viruses, ingredients which
offend many faiths and ethical systems, pig fat proscribed by Muslims and Jews, cow ingredients anathema to Hindus,
human fetal tissue in violation of antiabortionist beliefs, African green monkey cells, shark kidney cells, and all
animal, bird, fish, and animal product ingredients avoided by the world's vegans, vegetarians, 450 million Hindus etc.
12."If you peruse the CDC budget from the last few years, you’ll see funding for agriculture forestry and fishing as well as and mining research." https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/government-watchdog-cdc-has-largely-abandoned-original-mission
13. Seattle Times Reports CDC Inflating Covid Numbers
14. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner for his PCR test said he got the idea for the test in a dream state...
and he said many scientists have misinterpreted the results of the PCR test.
Julie Gerberding, CDC director forced to resign because of her relationship to Merck, sold 9.1 million $ in Merck shares... had given Merck monopoly on a vaccine while head of CDC
15b. Brenda Fitzgerald, another CDC director, resigned because of her tobacco stock.
16a. The CDC admits it has been fudging casualty figures, for instance
continuing to list as current covid cases those who've already been healed.
16b The CDC has sent out to physicians guidelines which include listing
deaths as Covid 19 caused, though patients and residents may not have
been tested.
17 Social media censorship of RFK Jr is indefensible. This censorship is based on the fraudulent assumption that 'health' authorities
are omniscient infallible and have the highest ethics.. To shut off debate is to hide the truth, something done in dictatorships.
Censors ignore the many obsolete, inaccurate, cruel,
and corrupt aspects of CDC, NIH and other affiliated animal research.
18 Why corruption? The CDC is the handmaiden of international pharmaceutical companies and the protector of animal agriculture.

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