Bee Exploitation In Honey Businesses

Top image: 
Bee Freedom

Lincoln said to slaveholders...
"They toil. You eat" It
can be said to beekeepers..
and well.
"They slave... and humans steal
and eat the fruit of their labor."

1. Queen bee's wings often clipped to keep her from moving hive
2. She is often artifically inseminated
3. Some beekeepers kill the whole hive as winter begins rather than
allow them to eat their own honey, the fruit of their labor, through
winter. The bee enslavers simply buy a new hive.
4. Bees are often crushed as racks are slid in and out
5. Apicides (bee killing chemicals) are sold virtually everywhere
6. Other insectides and herbicides are poisoning bees
7. Habitat destruction is removing fields of flowers critical to bees

Image source: Zucchinisaurus on Twitter

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