Des Monte Verità, passé, présent, futur

Patrice Faubert

Traduction de texte
Texte source
3496 / 5000
Résultats de traduction
New knowledge
Sending us back
Obviously, to a new ignorance
Vibrations of a spider's web
From the cosmic web
Galactic filaments
Egg transformation
Semen transformation
Dust vibration
Creation of universes
A whole anthropometry
Of knowledge
A whole anthropometry
Of ignorance
And also, alas, police anthropometry
Fingerprints, papillary
From Alphonse Bertillon, from Edmond Locard
From the origin of forensic science
Technical police
From the beginning to the genetic robot portrait
To kinship, serial killer, enigmatic
Coverage of any crime scene
But also, all freedom, we eliminate it
This is a nasty plunder!
Any government
Is a thought police
With shit in advertising
What we can do
What we can't do
A permit for this
A permit for this
And with confinement
And without confinement
And so, the caravan of capital, passes, that's it
All this with a certain dexterity
Because it's all about digesting everything
Genocide, ecocide, and all the atrocities
And we don't have
Is not it ?
Like our obligated sparrow
Birds, not the silliest
With its gastrolith
We human animals are imitating lies
To be able to swallow it all
To be able to vomit everything, expectorate everything
A whole society
Of a totalitarian and reactionary world
Closed environment or open environment
A dyslexic world
A dyscalculic world
A dysphasic world
Conflicts, wars, aggressiveness, terrorized
In children, it can be treated
In children it can be corrected
But it is more difficult with society!
So many awful things that were scotomized
Even more than sodomized pornography
Like a terror never assumed
Of a whole backward Ireland
Young unmarried mothers
Exiled, humiliated, abused, mistreated, ignored
Of this so Catholic Ireland
To nuns in frenzied cruelty
Of some of these nuns
So fascinating and so stupid
And very young women
With breasts full of milk
And nobody was helping
I imagine all that milk in my throat
What I dreamed of, wasted idiotically
Because even their newborns
Being torn from them, of this milk, they were deprived
But from an education of debility
Most women don't even know how to masturbate
Most women don't like to masturbate
When to drink the juices of this private property
We can only dream
But more seriously
Human disgust is shit
Of course, phew
Everything is not splashed
Hope of the past
Monte Verità, famous community
Beginning of the last century
Anarchists, vegetarians and vegetarians
Children, women, men, holding hands
Moreover, the late Bakunin
In this region of Switzerland, came there, regain good looks
And so, other people, but there, later, in Monte Verità
With sunbathing
With unparalleled air baths
Naturism, nudism
Of primitive socialism!
With vegetarianism, sensualism
No more private property
Yes really
And coming together at all times
From the planetary system
Of the solar system
From planet earth
Other universes
Parallel or not parallel
Everything has already existed
Everything already exists
Everything will exist
Either way, there you go
This is my shrinking, my hobbyhorse!

Patrice Faubert (2021) puète, peuète, pouète, paraphysicien (

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