For Atheists And Agnostics

A Different Prism


1. The composer Schumann said he could not take credit for his work. After a series
of painful explosions in his ears, he began to hear angelic music and was merely
a recorder.

2. Brahms said his music came from beyond himself.

3. Puccini spoke of receiving Madame Butterfly from God.

4. Helen Blavatsky described herself as an amanuensis, a secretary only of the Tibetan masters.
5. Einstein wrote in his autobiography that angels gave him E = MC squared in a dream.

6. Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest mathematician ever, according to many, spoke of Namagiri, one of many names for God, giving him dreams in which equations were written on the wall. He memorized these. Namagiri also came to his mother asking that she no longer block his life's purpose.
7. Elias Howe who added the lock stitch to sewing machines was gifted with a vision of Native Americans carrying spears with holes in the spear point (thread openings for sewing needles) .

8. German chemist August Kekule's ouroboros vision (a snake biting his tail) , revealed to him that molecules like benzene can come in rings.

9. The fruitarian Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in
his Notebooks he would meditate on a candle, whose flickering sent him into a trance.

10. William Blake, author of the masterpiece Auguries Of Innocence, wrote of angelic visitations as the source of many poems.
Atheism, agnosticism block these free gifts. Those who operate only on average human frequencies
only, thwarting by unbelief all higher frequencies, can even turn to laboratory torture of animals.

11. Nicola Tesla spoke of communication with higher beings.

12. Socrates wrote of a daimon (not demon) as his muse.

13. The Course In Miracles, transcribed from an inner voice over 7 years time, containing 1500 pages, and transmitted in iambic pentameter, states that the message is first for the messenger. Helen Schucman was the amanuensis.

14. Kary Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize for his PCR test, said

he was given the formula in a dream.

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