Connected Watch or Bracelet: What to Choose?


We currently live in a world where new technologies affect a lot of fields. To ensure health or control the physical efforts made by a person, the connected watch or the connected bracelet is one of the latest generation accessories in high demand. Both allow you to count steps, movements and heart rates. But each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of the connected bracelet
connected braceletA faithful ally of the Smartphone, the connected bracelet is an object that allows you to monitor the physical activities of its user. It always stays in sync with the phone through an app to measure signals during physical exertion and regulate sleep or diet. The sleep functionality is very interesting. This accessory is well suited to athletes, who are also the most targeted, given its attractive shape and very practical dimension. It is more discreet than a watch. It is therefore perfect for everyday use. In addition, the bracelet fully adapts to climatic hazards.

However, a connected bracelet is rarely accompanied by a GPS, even if this option is essential to reproduce the route. In addition to this, the data provided by this accessory promises to be approximate, even limited. Its use is also very complicated since it is always necessary to connect it to the Smartphone to use the results.

The advantages and disadvantages of a connected watch
Connected watch Unlike the connected bracelet, the connected watch has a touch screen of a nice size which offers the possibility of using applications . It elegantly replaces the Smartphone because it has its own operating system (Watch OS, Android Wear). The watch can operate independently by displaying messages, calls or any notification received on the phone on its screen. Its case has a " vibrator " mode and a frequency sensor. Many features sometimes accompany the watch to make it even more efficient such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

Even if the connected watch promises to be more innovative than the connected bracelet, it is not really suitable for all user profiles. There are still some limitations and drawbacks in using this accessory. First of all, the autonomy of most connected watches is not very profitable. Usually such a smartwatch only lasts for a day. Then, regarding its ergonomics, a connected watch is a little bulky on the wrist and it is heavier.


This sundial is the first step in Fossil's ongoing commitment to more sustainable products.

Fossil has announced a sustainable smartwatch called a sundial that can be charged through sunlight. The outer ring case of the watch acts like a solar panel, capturing light and converting it into energy using a solar cell below the dial. The watch then stores energy in a rechargeable battery that powers the watch movement.

Once fully charged, the sundial is expected to run for about 4 months before you need to charge it again. It takes about five hours to refuel in full sunlight.

They are water resistant and come in five brightly colored interchangeable straps.

The sundial is available worldwide in a limited edition of 1754 pieces for each size - 36mm and 42mm. Packaged in a partially bio-based plastic case made from environmentally friendly castor oil, this watch sells for Rs 9,995 in the country. The sundial will be available for purchase on and select Fossil retail stores .

Fossil Q Control Review

The company has partnered with EcoMatcher to plant a tree in honor of every person who buys a sundial Owners can follow the instructions inside the sundial box to name their tree and see where it is planted, as well as track its CO2 performance.

With your purchase of a sundial, you can head to the official EcoMatcher website and enter your watch serial number to claim your tree.

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