This business and its owner licensed-practitioner “Roland Frauchiger” M.A. MFT are guilty of gross violations of “physician-patient” confidentiality, which in my opinion are criminal felonies, numbering in the “hundreds” of counts.


LA Therapy and Associates, License No. MFC 12192, California

5748 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90036

2347 Edgewater Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90039


This business and its owner licensed-practitioner “Roland Frauchiger” M.A. MFT are guilty of gross violations of “physician-patient” confidentiality, which in my opinion are criminal felonies, numbering in the “hundreds” of counts. It is also my opinion, that he should serve “prison-time,” be stripped of his license and never allowed to practice as a licensed physician again, as he has shown such callous disregard for the civil-rights of his patients as to demonstrate complete moral turpitude. He is a “danger” to his patients and society at large. He should also be forced to pay reparations to his injured clientelle.

On hundreds of occassions he has willingly and actively participated in helping the FBI monitor and record his patients’ therapy sessions, resulting in gross pain and suffering on the part of his patients, as these recordings were used to create “control-files” and also for MKULTRA-like “trauma-based-mind-control,” which heavily relied on “police-street-theatre,” “police-gang-stalking” and “extremely-proactive “FIRST-STRIKE” “reverse-stalking,”” which are police “terror-tactics,” and “DO-NOT” require “ANY” criminal actions on the part of “persons-of-interest.” His patients’ employment and mobility were also severely damaged resulting in “great-financial-harm” and “homelessness.” He has also “personally” participated in “police-framing-operations.” Mr. Frauchiger et al are clearly “conscienceless-psychopaths.”

The methods of eavesdropping may have included “infinity-transmitter,” where the office phone is used, while still on switchhook, or remains in call after therapist replaces the handset on switchhook, whether initating the call, or responding to incomming. “Laser-Listening Device,” which relies on “voice modulated laser light” reflected from the window of the therapist’s office, while in consultation with patient. Hidden microphone, which will be hidden somewhere in the therapist’s office or more commonly on a new or unfamiliar object, like a “music-speaker,” “radio” or “music-player” being added to the therapist’s desk, physically between the patient and therapist, for the best reception. Other objects are also used. Mr Frauchiger et al have also assisted the FBI monitoring of their patients by alerting them by phone, when patients enter the “therapy-studio.” They used fictitious names for the FBI correspondents, when alerting them by phone. Wife’s name and names of other family members were often used.

Not only should Mr. Frauchiger’s patients have had a statutory expectation of their “physician-patient” relationship “not” being violated by Mr. Frauchiger or “any” of his associates. They should also have been able to have an expectation of his business institution being a place of “healing” and “recovery” instead of a “knocking-shop” for “extra-judicial” government “take-down” operations, based on “externally-manipulated” and “criminally-obtained” “heresay.” Mr. Frauchiger et al, have also damaged their patients and society by creating circumstances tending to “destabilize” their patients, for “nefarious” purposes and agendas. This did “not” make “anyone” any “safer” and severely tended to the opposite!
BTW, physician-patient conversations, in a theraputic setting, are “usually” expressions of patients’ “fears” rather than manifestations of “accomplished” reality or “plans and desires;” and these usually take the form of “worst-case-scenarios.” “Police-street-theatre,” when based on theraputic-subjects’ fears, will “fictionally” create “living” scenarios based on these “worst-case-scenarios,” with available “crisis-actors,” who are recruited for this purpose. These crisis actors often include “uniformed” police, firefighters, ambulance drivers, etc., as well as ordinary civilians and “un-uniformed” persons in street attire. This can be and “is” used to mainpulate confessions and mental health commitments based on “fictional” events, among other “dirty-tricks.” THIS IS A CRIMINAL PRACTICE!

*Please avoid this business and spread the warning to others. Also, please report ALL instances of wrongdoing, misconduct or “suspected” in-writing to:

Public Inquiry Unit
Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
(916) 210-6276


Board of Behavioral Sciences
1625 N Market Blvd., Suite S200
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 574-7830


James K. Hahn City Hall East, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 978-8100


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