4 Qualities of Good Facebook Stories for eCommerce

John Smith

Facebook Stories is a fragment of your life, a backstage where your favorites go. They are honest and not like a regular business on Facebook. At least they should look like that. Think about the stories you are interested in in everyday life. We have derived 4 basic qualities of good stories:

Personal Stories

Facebook Stories allows you to build a trusting and deep relationship with your audience through personal contact. Use:

photo and video selfies;
a fragment of your day (only that which is really interesting);
the personal part of your life that affects your work;
your own quotes and deep thoughts.
Valuable Stories

The best way to get people to look forward to your updates is to offer them value. Use:

brief tips;
demonstration of important events / people;
a selection of useful books.
Positive Stories

People usually go to Facebook for fun. Your stories should be enjoyable to users. Use:

a new way to do something.
Secret Stories

People like to be special, involved in what is inaccessible to others. Insight, secrets, exclusive show: to be your friend is a privilege, and the knowledge gained gives you the right to be the first in a particular business. Use:

exclusive offers;
your private side of life;
the secret to successful implementation of the tool;
forecasts, which are known to a limited circle of experts.

Facebook Stories Integration with Instagram

Some Instagram users already have the opportunity to share their photo and video stream on Facebook before uploading to Instagram.

This feature of duplicating stories can be beneficial to both services. Facebook has 2 times more users, which can accelerate the influx of new visitors to Instagram. Instagram Stories are more popular than Facebook. This is the 250 million people who watch stories every day along with advertising. And the more people watch them further, the more Facebook will earn.

Things to Remember When Publishing Stories
Self-liquidation of History does not insure you from screenshots of content. Therefore, do not count on the Cinderella effect. Take Stories publications as seriously as long-standing posts. Always comply with ethical and legal standards, refrain from rude answers, provocations and anything that could harm your reputation.

To create a good Story that will improve and deepen your connections with your users via deals slickukdeals.com, follow these basic rules:

Entertain your friends.
Create content that they cannot get from someone else.
Share things to help them look smart or cool.
Make them feel important.
Give them a private side of themselves that is exclusive to Facebook Stories only.
Respect your time. Do not share trivial things. This is annoying.

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