Chlordecone : The worldwide Scandal !


Kepone has been banned in the US in 1976 after the huge scandal of the James River in VA, however it was still used in the French West Indies until the early 2000's as they represent 40% of the French production of bananas.
This pesticide was authorized in 1972 by the French Government and is said to take up to 7 centuries to completly disappear...

But turns out this pesticide has also been used in citrus, tobacco, lawns, flowers plants. Therefore, we all have been in contact with it weither it's because we produce one of these previously named products or because we consume them !


When you go to your local grocery store, look up the origin of the goods u eat, chances are that they are from contaminated countries : South/Center america, Australia, China, India, Europe...

Chlodecone as been know to be carcinogene. Nowadays, Martinique and Guadeloupe have the highest rate of prostat and breast cancer WORLDWIDE !!!!!
Its effect are so bad that the West Indies are facing an increase of infant mortality and the pesticide was found this year in newborn's blood, almost 20 year sfater it has been banned !

92% of today's population of the French West Indies is believed to be poisoned. It's in the soil, the fruits, the vegetables, the water, the rivers, the ocean...everywhere.

However a woman teaching at the French West Indies Univeristy of Guadeloupe, Sarra Gaspard, may have found a solution, getting rid at the same time of sargassum, another issue in Guadeloupe and Martinique ! Tests are still to be made but that's a start...

Will this be enough to get rid of this poison ?

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