[OUL] Rick Rozoff at Open University of the Left

[OUL] Rick Rozoff at Open University of the Left

Join Open University of the Left on Saturday August 17 at 2:30 pm at the Lincoln Park Public Library 1150 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago (cross street Sheffield), free parking, wheelchair accessible (Red Line: Fullerton, Bus route: 74 Fullerton)

Rick Rozoff presents: Russia Hysteria Amid a New Cold War and the End of the Missile Control Regime

As the U.S. becomes further embroiled in a combination of spy hunt and witch hunt targeting alleged Russian activity a crisis rivaling if not exceeding the depths of the McCarthy period sees a new Cold War between the two nations that is worsening by the day.

The expanding accusations of being "Russian assets" or "agents" against prominent American elected or appointed officials, scholars, former and current presidential candidates and others is occurring as two key missile-control treaties have been scrapped with the remaining ones in real danger of meeting the same fate.

The current situation has been described by Russian Studies scholar Stephen Cohen as being more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis. The title of his most recent book is War with Russia? From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate. This is a title well worth reflecting on as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty expired earlier this month and the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), anti-ballistic missile treaty and even the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty may follow suit.

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