8 Tips to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective


Today I looked through my old content marketing materials and came across an interesting publication on how to make the published content more effective.

All entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of activity of the organization, want the information they publish to increase traffic and help shape their target audience. To this end, in fact, published articles, infographics, video stories and other types of available information. For this, the posted material should benefit the readers. Probably, I am not an exception.

The question arises, how to achieve greater efficiency of publications, and, moreover, to minimize costs? As world marketing practice shows, it is useful, not even necessary, to have a plan for the development and content of a publication program. How to build this plan and implement it in the most effective and efficient way?

Actually, the tips published below will allow you to increase the volume and quality of published content, regardless of the scope of your business and the product being sold.

We increase the effectiveness of content marketing.

Tip 1. Tell your audience about the backstage activities of the company. Think of what might be interesting to your readers (customers). Here are some examples of development in this direction:

photos of company employees;
video plot about the working day of a specialist (for example, one day in the life of a marketer);
photo report or publication of a corporate holiday;
An interview with an employee for whom the company is more than a job.

Tip 2 . Provide exclusive content that your audience will not find elsewhere. This could be an experiment or research at your company. Maybe you should not make this a commercial secret? Time flies quickly and information quickly becomes outdated. Now you will not tell, but tomorrow everyone will already know about it, and you will miss the chance to increase your audience.

Tip 3. Publish the interview. At a time when the media uses interviews as the main source of evidence of the veracity of their words, you can publish the interview as unique content. This may be an interview with your field of expertise. This may be the opinion of experts of your market i.e marketing agency http://www.redloes.com This may be the instructions of your staff. Yes, anyone can interview and publish it on the pages of a blog or site.

Tip 4. Answer the questions your audience. Any questions that customers ask you can be a good source of publications. Let's have qualified answers to the questions asked to you, publish them on the pages of a corporate blog. People will be grateful to you, plus your level of professionalism and customer confidence will increase. Ask readers to ask new and new questions - this can be a continuous source of content formation.

Where to get questions from the audience?

on the company's website by setting a special form;
record telephone conversations with your customers;
record questions after the conference or seminar;

use open sources and let it be questions not from your clients (but who knows about it);
be creative in the end.

Tip 5. Use excerpts from movies. Perhaps no one will be able to watch the whole movie, but its separate piece is quite easy. Describe why you decided to choose this particular passage, how it relates to your field of activity. This will appeal to your audience.

Tip 6. Tell us about other sources and resources in your field of activity. Express your point of view on one of the publications of competitors or experts in your field. Do not be afraid that the audience will go to other resources. If you have high-quality material and good service, your readers (customers) will only trust you more.

Tip 7. Do not communicate with the client down. No need to think that if the reader does not know something (otherwise, why should he visit your resource), then any information will be perceived as the ultimate truth. Let the reader express his opinion, and naturally respond to his comments.

Tip 8. Do not be limited to a single form of content. People are different - who likes to read, who to watch, and who to listen.

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