Fbi crime spree

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Crimes on world financial markets

In all fbi counterintelligence operations fbi assassins are free to commit massive crimes including torture, harassment , theft, forced suicide and murder of Targets.

fbi illegal, dirty low down manipulation of world financial markets, especially in options and commodities, and against individual investors. fbi, as usual, relies on their assumption that, "if their victims can't prove their claims, then fbi is free to expand their crimes across the board. "
20 years ago,as the fbi was trying to drive me crazy, I tried to make money by trading stocks & options on the NYSE. Later, as I went broke and filed bankruptcy, I realized that fbiMAFIA often traded against me, especially in naked 'puts & calls'. The deck was stacked against me and I could not understand until later how the electronic shadow surveillance by fbi can BREAK anyone in a short period of time.
See my papers ttudotacademiadotedu

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