Fbi assaults using under age female


In yet another example of filthy fbi assaults...

I recently visited the Target store in McAllen Texas, Nolana and Ware streets.

As I entered, I noticed to my left a fast moving person trying to catch up.

She appeared to be in her 20s, with heavy make up, and her clothes were startling: tight short shorts with a garter belt but no hose; tiny, revealing & exposing untucked silk blouse, but no bra; the chest & parts of the woman moved around ostentatiously.

Later when she followed me into an isle, she turned and faced me whereupon I discovered that this little fbi operative is a 14 or 15 year old girl.

She looked like a harlot straight out of a brothel.

As she left without purchasing anything, I assume that her fbi handler drove her off, then possibly returned to see the surveillance tape.

This report is abbreviated and does not contain fbi subliminal messages to me prior and after the whore' s assaults in Target.

In another series of provocative assaults in a McAllen Texas Stein Mart store, two fbi thugs tried to pick an argument or confrontation with me.

Operating together, but in separate areas of the premises the two were quite the theatre of the absurd.

One gained my attention as he preceded me into the men's room where he then abruptly exited and summoned punk number two.

This ridiculous fool tried to engage me in assaultive discourse, but failed as I exited.

Then, fool number one walked by my car so as to alert me that he is the witness in the event his false testimony be needed.
These kinds of fbi assaults are common.

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