The Transformation

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American police state spreads globally

The Transformation

A massive and macabre undertaking is underway and is led by fbi and their kind globally.

Right before our eyes the intelligence community turns the world into a veritable nightmare for Targets. All authorities, including Congress and the military are complicit in the transformation of society from rational & sentient beings into psychopaths and killers.

"Global explosion of anti-democracy psychological warfare, Cointelpro, Zersetzung, sociopolitical control, hostile environments, corruption, rights destruction, high-tech black ops and 5G"

Ubiquitous fbi operatives spring into action to ensure that Targets face overwhelming forces who seek to kill them.
High tech invisible weaponry ensures that death by heart attack, or other 'natural causes' be imminent.

Thus, fbi and their operatives become the living dead in the dark world that they create.

See my reports at Academiadotedu

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