Fbi corrupts most cops


Fbi corrupts cops all over the world.

From Dallas to LA to Honolulu and Chiungmai to RGV, Texas, the fbi turns most cops against me when fbi operatives attack me.

In large part all police in USA are programmed by fbi to assume the role of ultimate authority in local criminal cases. This means that no one can successfully challenge police routine activities. The following examples are from my personal experience with Texas police in RGV as I am a Target of fbi & fmj death squads.

Brownsville: burglary of my home ignored by police, even though I knew of the prime suspect; threat and assaults against me & my wife by fbi operative who drove his truck in reverse directly at us at high speed.
Detective & fbi operative refused our report of vandism of car, and threatened us for filing a "False police report".
State trooper stalks me for fbi and fraudulently pulls me over to issue a ticket for no seat belts.

Harlingen: Detective calls for back up as I am in police headquarters seeking information on my report of A&B.
The back up cop was there to remind me that police will arrest me if they do not like my attitude.

In another incident at same police headquarters I tried to document the name of a cop who tried to kill me and my wife by toxic fumes . The cop who listened to our evidence was not interested and held his hand on his weapon during our visit.

McAllen cop created a fraudulent report of A & B of my person. When ordered by IA to correct the report the same cop entered incorrect data in order for city prosecutor to refuse prosecution of case. Then, city attorney trashed my complaint against the fbi operative suspect, and refused to meet with me and would not return my calls.
When I recently visited McAllen police headquarters to document yet another crime by fbi operative against my person, that same cop on duty in office ( but having no contact with me that day) apparently asked another cop to threaten me by intimidation while I was in the building.

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