the underhanded polytricks of youtube and wordpress counters

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a member of the plutocracy pulls at his slave's leash, while others attempt to share truths
is and working to suppress dissent via "counter" polytricks?

I strongly suspect that is playing politics these days with the counter, i.e. how many visitors we have coming to our sites.

What better way to stop young, upcoming dissent and challenge than to make it appear that very few people are visiting our sites? I say this having widely promoted my blog ( ) for many years, including having it repeatedly published along with my art in various media outlets.

Does have any independent accountability?

Maybe it's time that people like you and me make a noise about this?? (Are there others already making a noise?)

After all, otherwise appears to be quite "hip" and "on top" of things. Otherwise, i like their service.

Any info you or others might have about this, please pass it on to me.

Youtube polytricks?
I also have noted that youtube seems to like to freeze its counter at certain curious numbers. I.e. "666".

The more daring your voice, i.e. whistleblowing, the more your counter freezes at such numbers, for apparently extended periods. The person i'm thinking of here, a woman, has also been experiencing vigilante encounters, in person, after trying to whistleblow on a certain challenging anti-authoritarian topic.

You'd think that this could not happen, but if you look at the site, you might come to the same conclusion.

I also personally noted something like this when i put up a feeler youtube page, which attempted to openly challenge some of youtube's counter games. Well, they blocked me from logging into it (or was it hacked?) and yet, I could still access the page directly.

On the other hand, even when i used the "exact words" in youtube's search engine, nothing came up! Freaky.

So to me the bottom line is, keep doing your direct outreach, and keep the websites going as well, but don't pay attention to what the counters allege.

(sources shared upon request via email)

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