The people and the President seek to expose fbi criminals

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Fbi are MAFIA

The people and the President seek to expose fbi criminals

Atrocities by fbi News Education
By gsosbee, submitted on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 6:31pm

GERAL SOSBEE, ex fbi Special Agent targeted by fbi and police for torture and death.

Geral Sosbee

decorated Viet Nam war veteran:
National defense service medal,
Combat infantryman badge,
Vietnam service medal,
Vietnam campaign medal,
Sharpshooter 81 millimeter mortarman,
Marksman badge,
former Instructor at Amber University and Webster University,
former FBI agent,
three Letters of Commendation awarded by the Director of the FBI,
Doctor of Jurisprudence,
former judge.

In my thousands of reports, papers, posts, WRIT and articles for the past 20 years I have documented a half century of crimes by fbi against our people. I have shown that the fbi is a global federal MAFIA whose Special Agents and operatives engage against me and thousands of others in torture, mayhem and murder.

Police from UTHSC in San Antonio and Harlingen tried for a decade to illegally find a way to help fbi arrest me on any conceivable false basis. Cops Wilson and Bleier can confirm their involvement in provocative Criminal assaults on me.

USPI KNIPFING & Tx DPS RODRIGUEZ also came to my home to threaten me and my wife on behalf of fbi hoodlums and corrupt Senator John Cornyn. Detective Posada of Brownsville is another half wit cop who teamed up with fbi to harass me.

Now, President Trump has information proving that fbi is completely corrupt, dangerous and threatens our nation. Perhaps our people and the media can now 'listen up'.

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