elder abuse: do you know of groups or individuals who are trying to speak?

Midwest troubles concerning elder abuse in institutional care gets explored

With little or no accountability, and the effect of lessening avenues to even be adequately heard (i.e. the "old days" of having a city newspaper specifically for one area of a state), it is likely that our elders are not in optimum hands, even tho we may be "led to believe" such.

Add to that, the continual march of more and more alienation in all spaces public, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The question is, are you too beaten into silence to even try to speak up/join with others to challenge such difficulties??

I am interested in finding out about elder abuse in the u.s.a. as it specifically visits elders in public and private (institutional) care. The following link is to two videos from whistleblowers who tried and continue to try to "get the word out":


Input and suggestions welcome! Organizational links and advocacy groups and/or advocate info also welcome!

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