Get The Internationalist No. 50!

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Get The Internationalist No. 50!

Special expanded Winter 2017 edition: 80 pages of revolutionary Marxist propaganda. Send US$2 to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA. Subscriptions $10.

In this issue:

* Colonial Capitalist Disaster in Puerto Rico
* First International Conference of the League for the Fourth International
* Imperialist Social Democracy vs. Black Liberation
* The ABCs of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)
* Imperialist War Drums Over Korea
* 1917-2017: We Fight for New Bolshevik Revolutions
* Left Voice of Social Democracy
* On North Korea: Trotskyism vs. Social Democracy
* Spartacist League/ICL on Puerto Rico: Annexationist “Socialists”
* DSA Called the Cops on Trotskyists
* Portland: This Is What a Witch Hunt Looks Like
* Germany: G20 Summit Police State Terror in Hamburg
* NYC Transit Summer of Hell? What about Winter, Spring and Fall?
* Mexican Teachers Strike of 2016: The Struggle Continues
* Correction
* Brooklyn Protest Against I.C.E. in the Courts
* Whose Life Is On the Line? Cop Stats

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