Affiliates of Hilton Hotel. CBS & Gray TV Affiliate Are Advertising Bloody Fur

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Ban Fur
Please avoid hotel chains and tv stations which advertise fur

Affiliates of Hilton Hotel. CBS & Gray TV Affiliate Are Advertising Bloody Fur

Please take action to boycott Hilton hotels,
Gray TV sponsors, WOIO Channel 19 in Cleveland,
for advertising or sponsoring the sales of
bloody fur.

Both Hilton Hotel affiliates and
Crowne Plaza Hotel affiliates
have advertised furs this month
on WOIO, a CBS affiliate in Cleveland Ohio.

Please let Hilton Hotels know you don't
patronize chains which support animal suffering
and slaughter.
The CEO of Hilton Hotels is
Christopher J. Nassetta
Hilton International

It is an affiliate of Gray Television, third largest
tv station chain in the US based in Wisconsin, which is advertising both
fur and hunting resorts.

Gray TV
4370 Peachtree Road, NE
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30319
(404) 266-8333

CBS is the network with which Channel 19 WOIO Cleveland is

WOIO Channel 19 Cleveland Ohio
216-771-1943 x 7300 for news room
Ask managing editor Mr Sinclair to
end the ads (216) 367-7535 ...

Current ads are being run for fur sales at
the Beachwood Double Tree, part of the Hilton chain
3663 Park E Dr, Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: (216) 464-5950

Does Weiss Furs have an annual going out of business
sale? In 2009 the company said it was going out of
Weiss Furs is shutting its doors at the end of January |
That was not the case.

Communities whcih have banned fur or anal electrocution slaughter
The state of New York has banned anal electrocution
Los Angeles bans fur citywide
Mink are anally electrocuted so that their fur will not
be harmed.

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