Why Isaac Tigrett Founder of Hard Rock Cafes Has Gone From Centimillionaire to Simplicity

an odyssey from great riches to simpicity


A Former Centimillionaire Speaks Of His Spiritual Teacher
Isaac Tigrett, Sai Baba, And The Hard Rock Cafe

Isaac Tigrett as a young man was playing with
his brother. There was an accident and his
brother died. His second brother killed himself.
His parents never spoke again. It took Tigrett
many years to deal with this extreme sadness.

He had had psychic phenomena since the age of 13.
Norman Vincent Peale was a friend of his family
and told his parents not to worry about his psychic abilities.

He was in a metaphysical visitation told to
buy the book The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins
and Christopher Bird.The authors told him it was a big failure,
though it was published by Harper and was their big Christmas book.
6 weeks after he bought the rights to the book it hit
the NY Times best seller list and stayed there for 57
weeks. Stevie Wonder became his partner, and did
the sound track to the film.

He began to found the Hard Rock Cafes, and they grow
to 40 outlets on several continents.

He was working many hours a day. In California, he
was driving his Porsche at 90 mph
while intoxicated and found it going over a cliff.
Suddenly a man materialized in mid air and held him
as he and the car went down the cliff. He was unharmed.
The car was totaled. The rescuing man disappeared.
A while later in 1977 high on a drug he had an epileptic fit
he was in Colorado. He choked to death. His spirit
came out of the top of his head. He was looking down
at his body. He hard a voice "Your time is not yet.
Call your guru's name." He had swallowed his tongue. The same
man materialized, slapped him on the back bringing his
soul back into his body, and pulled his tongue out of
his throat. He had been resurrected.

In an Aurangabad hotel Tigrett saw a picture of the
man who had rescued him. It was Sathya Sai Baba,
believed by over 100 million people to be the
Yugavatar or avatar of the age. Tigrett flew to
India to thank Baba. He did not receive an interview
in 1973 nor did he when he went every year for 14 more years.
He broke a record, the only Westerner to come so many
times without an interview.

During this time some of Baba's followers were suggesting
that perhaps he should end his connection to his restaurant
chain, which was involved in selling animal flesh and alcohol.
When after 15 years he sold his 40 outlet chain, he received an

He gave 54 million dollars for the creation of one of the world's
best equipped hospitals in Bangalore, India, one which does
not charge anyone, has numberless volunteer physicians, nurses,
and other staff, and has done 10,000 free heart operations
a year along with countless other operations and procedures.
Western insurance companies send clients to India for these
free operations.

“I got a message from my master,” Tigrett explained. “He said, ‘Live very simply, very humbly, in a small place, no decorations, no fancy bits and pieces.’ And so Tigrett sold his large home and his art collection. (see Peter Maass link)

To learn more of Isaac Tigrett and his guru...see the

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o8JW0ojNDk Part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YwEXqRhLaM Part 2



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