USDA Withholds Names Of Turkey Companies Spreading Salmonella

update on Nov outbreak of turkey based salmonella in 35 states

The Trump regime's Sonny Perdue, head of the USDA, is not releasing the names of
of companies involved in salmonella outbreak in turkeys this year, an outbreak which has spread to 35 states.
The USDA when Mike Espy headed it did not withhold such information.,The CDC has a history of downplaying diseases of meat and is also involved in the deception.

Many cases have not yet been counted. As of now 212 people have been sickened. That is considered an underestimated figure.

The Washington Post reported that the salmonella strain was found in raw turkey pet food in Minnesota, raw turkey products collected from people’s homes and living turkeys from several states, indicating the bacteria is widespread in the industry. Cooked turkey has different pathogens.

9 of the diseases of turkey flesh:

Clostridium perfringens: a very powerful neurotoxin.. a high mortality rate

Escherichia coli causes bleeding from the bowels E coli diseases can be fatal

Listeria monocytogenes


Staphylococcus aureus

Yersinia enterocolitic

Bacillus cereus causes diarrhea and vomiting

Bacillus cereus

Campylobacter jejuni

Perdue of the USDA is the man who first appointed Brian
Kemp to Georgia's Secretary of State position.
It is safest for nonvegetarians not to buy turkey this year.

When turkeys have leukemia it is called leukosis and can be transmitted by eating their flesh.

Turkey flesh contains pre-urine also called uric acid or trioxypurine which causes arthritis and gout and can be implicated in heart attacks through overstimulation of the heart.

Like all flesh of murdered mammals, birds, and fishes
turkey flesh can cause death through various kinds of e coli
and other food poisoning. The longer a turkey carcass sits
unrefrigerated, the higher the chance of food poisoning from
the meat, the stuffing, and/or the gravy.

In a past study Consumer Reports found dangerous bacteria on
90% of the ground turkey sold in stores.

There is more disease when turkeys are jammed in together in factory farms like sardines in a can. Josh Hawley, senator-elect, as attorney general of Missouri was in a coalition of 13 Republican attorneys general Steve Marshall of Alabama, Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas, Curtis T Hill of Indiana, Jeff Landry of Louisiana, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Doug Peterson of Nebraska, Wayne Stenehjem of North Dakota, Michael J Hunter of Oklahoma, Alan Wilson, South Carolina, Ken Paxton of Texas, Sean Reyes of Utah, Patrick Morrissey of West Virginia and Brad Schimel of Wisconsin) who fought to keep chickens and turkeys with no room to spread their wings in crowded conditions for profit reasons. California and Massachusetts had passed legislation requiring more room for the birds.

Starting in 2022, only eggs from hens with access to at least 1.5 square feet of usable floor space per hen will be legal to sell in Massachusetts, for example. The 13 Republican attorneys general want to force their cruel regulations onto more conscious states.

Chemical and physical hazards in the Dutch poultry chain.

Other sources have reported that
Jennie O Ground is 1 of the companies spreading salmonella

Before this salmonella was another outbreak involving kosher chicken in 4 states.

Leslie Rutledge was involved in the execution of 8 prisoners in 1 week in Arkansas.
Ken Paxton has been involved in the execution of many in Texas.
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