Illinois activists protest student debt and demand Education department forgive their loans

Think Progres

Students who attended predatory for-profit colleges protested in front of two Illinois for-profit colleges this week [July 18, 2018]. Activists told ThinkProgress they are protesting to expose corruption at for-profit colleges and bring attention to the issue of rising student debt.

The protesters gathered at the Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg, as well as The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago at noon local time on Wednesday and Thursday to march in opposition to the “student debt crisis,” to raise awareness with students, to demand accountability from the schools, and to tell the Department of Education that they want loan cancellation. A number of students who did not attend these schools also attended to protest rising student debt in the country. According to activists who spoke to ThinkProgress before the event, an estimated 50 people were in attendance at the suburban Schaumburg campus and 100 or more people rallied at the Chicago campus.

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