Behind the scenes at fbi NA

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Monster school at fbi


Behind-the-scenes at fbi National Academy is a veritable nightmare unleashed on the world by half wits and charlatans.

From my personal and professional experiences, I have deduced the following data:

The fbi National Academy  (NA) at
Quantico, Va., is a macabre kill and torture school for fbi, all police around the country and for other police globally.

No one analyzes the activities at NA because much of the teaching there focuses on how to kill, imprison and torture subjects and because all who enter are prescreened by fbi.

The NA is also a propaganda arm of the fbi and specializes in issuing misleading and false reports for public consumption.

The fbi cleverly releases the summary shown below regarding some of the behavioral topics taught at NA.

The programs are administered and taught mainly by fbi sociopaths.   The students in the psychoanalytic classes are exclusively Special Agents of fbi because they learn from psychiatrists exactly how to take over minds,  create mass murderers and program behavior that fbi can then use to torture, maim and kill the subject.

Fbi intelligence specialists and police attend many of these classes to learn the art of 'how to drive a person crazy'.

Here are a few of the topics taught by charlatans and fools at the 'murderers anonymous' school called fbi NA:

Terrorist Mindsets and Police Response, Countering Violent Extremism, Relational Policing Practices, Informatics and Emerging Technologies, Global Hostage-Taking, Applied Behavioral Science for Law Enforcement; Conflict and Crisis Management: Theory and Practice; Futuristics and Law Enforcement: Foreseeing, Managing, and Creating the 21st Century; Juvenile Crime and Behavior; Managing Death Investigations; Psycho-Social Behavior, Mindset, and Intelligence Trends of Violent Street and Prison Gangs; Spirituality, Wellness, and Vitality Issues in Law Enforcement Practices; Stress Management in Law Enforcement; Group Dynamics; Problem Solving/Crisis Intervention; Psychology of Perception and Memory; and Psychopathology

For more on my studies on fbi corruption and retardation see all of my papers on fbi subversion of law and society at

Note the irony of the fbi's
Evil minds research project
where truly evil minds set out to 'increase the numbers and magnify the dangerousness' (Dr. Szasz) of presumed evil minds in the general population.  The fbi's own evil minds create evil minds in a Frankenstein manner.

See my paper on fbi's future crime project and note that today through histological and genetic research & brain mapping
(together with fbi extreme psychological operations) the fbi identifies 'criminal subjects' before they are born.

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