Alternative Media Fraud Secrets - Part 1

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credit: Paul Collin
Paul Collin

Alternative Media Fraud Secrets - Part 1
by, Paul Collin ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence )

LOS ANGELES - July 20, 2017 - The popularity of "Alternative Media" entertainment may be coming to a close, even after yanking a huge portion of worldwide audiences away-from multinational corporate conglomerates "Main Stream Media."

There is only a 'theory' as-to 'how' perhaps, a multi-faceted government counterintelligence plan was begun to reverse media popularity tables because a "threat to national security" was perceived. The political "Left" ( American Democrat Party voters ) might tend to agree with that notion today, especially in-lieu-of America's new President along with one of his chief minions ( Bannon ); both being afficianados of "Alternative Media" in-keeping with that growing general audience popularity instead-of 'Main Stream Media' interalia "Fake News" - we always hear about.

Fake 'Alternative Media' Hypesters

I am 'not' raising 'Alex Jones' to the top of that list. Who I 'am' raising, however, is a another man.

Recently seen in a 2017 America motion picture film ( "The Recall" - starring popular motion picture actor 'Wesley Snipes' ), although filmed in late 2016, is an individual named 'David Wilcock' who appeared on a 'television set' ( for about 30-seconds ) within 'The Recall' film; about 24-minutes in-to that motion picture film.

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'He Flew Out The Window And Flew Back In'!

According to some whom claim this happened before a 'live audience' of David Wilcock, buyer beware. His snakeoil sales pitch has more curving claims than a diamond-back rattlesnake.

Some warn, if you're pouring hard money into buying such elixirs ( via donations ), you could end up 'financially deadened' instead.

Alternative 'Time Traveller' Fraud

Some believe that sometime during the late 1990s that an "anonymous caller" who was aired on the Premier Network ( America ) AM radio broadcast "Coast To Coast" claimed he was a "time traveller" from the year "2072" who used a 'star-gate vortex of energy' beaming him back in time to the late 1990s on Earth.

Reference -

Although many believe that telephone caller sounded exactly like a man known today as "David Wilcock," it comes as 'no surprise' why 'today' he claims to be "Edgar Cayce" - 'reincarnated'.

Reference -

'Skip To The Chase' - Money

It's all about 'money' ( for 'most' ),and for multinational corporate conglomerate businesses controlling 'Main Stream Media' outlets, they're after 'advertising money', and 'sales of advertising' is wholly dependent on 'size of audiences' for 'broadcast platforms' carrying high 'ratings'. In short, 'more people' translates into 'more revenue' and consequently 'more profits' for 'shareholders of corporate stock' whom 'invest' a lot of money.

Not 'Petro-Dollars' But 'Snake Oil' Secrets

September 25, 2011 David Wilcock ( in Los Angeles ) utilized SKYPE to interview Benjamin Fulford ( in Japan ) who, throughout this YouTube podcast keeps nose sniffing ( some short sniffs, some longer ) and 'never stops ( for a break ) to blow his nose'.

As Wilcock's interview begins, Fulford mentions what he calls "The Hilton Green Agreement," indicating he's very likely under the intoxicating influence of 'sniffing cocaine narcotics' amidst the interview because the 'correct name' of that 'fraudulent agreement' ( bearing a 'counterfeit U.S. President stamped seal and signature' is actually known as "The Green Hilton Agreement" dated in the early 1960s yet containing 'justified margin text lines' along with 'graphic art typeset' on its pages.

While Wilcock's interview of Fulford is almost 1-hour long, the sniffing becomes more prevalent as-do his 'grandiose claims mixed-in with some other now historical information'.

Reference -

Money Raising 'Pity Parties'

Where do monies come from? Predominately, stories designed to stir-up 'compassion' within audiences ( individuals and businesses ) whom end-up 'donating money'; most of which goes 'unreported' as 'income' - 'evading taxes'.

In this particular interview ( above ), Fulford self-popularizes himself claiming previous assination attempts" and "death threats" on his life.

Fraudulent Claims Of 'Tragedy 'Spiking Audience' Donations

Shortly after Wilcock's interview of Fulford claiming he had "death threats," Wilcock - at a later date - popularizes himself claiming he too received a "death threat."

Reference -

Wilcock, managed to be quickly interviewed on the Premier Network Company's "Coast-To-Coast AM Radio" broadcast to claim to 'its network audience' that he 'learned of a death threat on his life', however the 'fact of that matter', is:

'Wilcock never directly received any death threat on his life', but was only 'told that' by 'someone ( Pete Peteson ) who he knew'.

Another individual, who later met with David Wilcock and Pete Peterson', proved David Wilcock's " death threat" 'claim' was fraudulent because 'Peterson could not prove it either'.

David Wilcock went-on to see his audience size grow alongside more donations because he used Fulford's death threat advertising ploy' to gain popularity amongst a whole host of additional "Alternative Media" and other news platforms that made him famously infamous today.

Reference -

Wilcock went on to align himself with Corey Goode, Michael Salla, and the G.A.I.A. television network online; all of whom recently came under 'legitimate attacks' online by many other 'Alternative Media' platforms recognizing curious business practices and suspicious financial affairs.

It is becoming understood, that Alternative Media platformed 'fraudulent' "Hypesters" are a growing part of a multi-faceted Big Brother government agenda.

Suspect, is a 'counterintelligence entrainment attack' using fraudsters to infiltrate Alternative Media platforms to eventually 'doom using fraud' on globally popular 'Alternative Media audiences' focusing on "The Disclosure Project," that began with 'legitimate accountings from former military officials' with 'verifiable documentation' broadcasted on 'Main Stream Media' broadcasts, and "The Secret Space Program," which began with computer hacker Gary McKinnon who fled America for Britain.

References -

I met with three ( 2 ) individuals, close to David Wilcock, plus one ( 1 ) other person, whom all admitted at-least three ( 3 ) frauds conducted by him strictly for the sake of increasing his donations from Alternative Media platform audiences - including his own ( "Devine Cosmos") - and others he has also been paid by for growing his own popularity worldwide.

It does not matter that one ( 1 ) of David Wilcock's 'seminary audience' claims of during their meeting he flew out the window and flew back in, which is wholly fraudulent in and of itself.

What bothers 'me' is 'Wilcock set himself up ( and others ) for government plans to discredit all Alternative Media platforms eventually becoming a public embarrassment to all whom follow information around the world in search of truth and justice for all as a bunch of idiot nut-job cases and thereby turn global audiences back to Main Stream Media'.

Exposing Alternative Media Fraudsters

In 2011, I became aware of this 'plan' based on my own studies and observations since 2005, when an international financial fraudster named Neil Francis Keenan hooked-up with Benjamin Fulford who then brought David Wilcock into their government gang of fraudsters whom set-out to use 'several Alternative Media platforms' to push what "The Critical Post Chicago" online as the "Fulford Wilcock Keenan Bailey Feedback Loop" that one ( 1 ) guest speaker "Charlie" came forward to expose, and then 'another individual' who was close to David Wilcock.

The mystery behind U.S. 'government counterintelligence semantical foreign and domestic operations' using people like Wilcock and others became public; but apparently, 'not public enough'.

That's why this short report was written. To 'stop donation monies from being bled out of people whom are 'con-vinced' into believing Big Lies told by Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) government 'counter-intelligence operatives' whom continue being used to 'shape public opinions' within Alternative Media public audiences worldwide.

As Scott Pollack, editor of The Critical Post Chicago, told ( time and time again ) his audiences: "Don't give them so much as one ( 1 ) more dime!"

That editor's broadcasted 'opinion' ( immediately above ), for the record, I support.

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Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@GMAIL.Com

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