Chicago Independent Television goes on hiatus

CIMC Video Collective

Chicago Independent Television (CITV), the monthly television series of Chicago Indymedia, is going on hiatus effective July 2017.

The Chicago Indymedia video collective, the collective in Chicago Indymedia which produces the show, decided to put the show on hiatus because of key personnel departures.

CITV debuted in January 2004 and has produced 120 half-hour episodes in its thirteen-and-a-half years pre-hiatus production run. Chicago Access Network Television, CAN TV, has been a broadcast partner with CITV for its entire pre-hiatus production run. In 2005, Free Speech TV joined as an additional broadcast partner and has been airing episodes on national satellite television on both DirecTV and Dish Network. Episodes are also posted to YouTube and to the Internet Archive.

By going on hiatus, the collective retains the right to restart the show in the future. Moreover, CITV can still produce and broadcast short films to air on CAN TV on an occasional non-series basis.

The final pre-hiatus episode of Chicago Independent Television is scheduled to air on CAN TV Cable Channel 19 on Monday, June 19, 2017, at 11PM CT.

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