OUL: Kevin Ovenden - The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

OUL: Kevin Ovenden - The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

Kevin Ovenden: The Rise of the Far Right in Europe, and the Left's Responses

2:30 pm, Saturday, May 12

Logan Square Branch
of the Chicago Public Library
3030 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago
Free parking; wheelchair accessible
Near the “Logan Square” stop on the Blue line & the #74 Fullerton bus
Sponsored by Open University of the Left (note to OUL regulars, this is not our standard

Recent years have seen the growth of neo-fascist movements in parts of Europe on a scale
not seen since the Great Depression.

Large demonstrations of neo-fascists have become common, with predictable results: those
who are not members of the “master race” – Roma, Muslims, immigrants, gays, Jews and
others – are subject to violence, and open discrimination against them is acceptable.

As many face few economic opportunities, mainstream parties have moved ever-rightwards,
openly embracing anti-immigrant and other racism, and even forming coalitions with
explicitly fascist parties. Virulently far-right parties now have firm locks on the
governments of Poland, Hungary and Austria, and have bent judiciaries and the media to
further marginalize the left.

Come to a special Open University of the Left presentation by writer and activist Kevin
Ovenden, who for three decades has been a campaigner over various progressive issues,
including anti-war, Palestine solidarity, LGBT+ rights, and efforts to develop the
coordination of the movements against racism and the far right. He has helped lead six
convoys to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, and was aboard the Mavi Marmara aid ship
when it was attacked in May 2010 by Israeli forces, resulting in the deaths of 10

He writes frequently for progressive publications in Britain and Europe, with a regular
column in the Morning Star newspaper. Many of his articles can be found at his blog:

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