Say No To Waterboarder Gina Haspel And Trump

Reasons to ask senators to vote against waterboarding torturer Gina Haspel

The women's movement
has never said the
world needs more women
serial killers.

Nor does it need waterboarding
torturers to head the CIA
If Gina Haspel were a waterboarding Japanese
officer after WW2, she would have beeen one
of several thousand illegally tried and murdered
by Douglas MacArthur for that or similar actions.

Senator John McCain has said that those who torture combatants of other countries endanger every American soldier
through blowback.

Gina Haspel, waterboarder torturer, was nominated by Trump,
torture advocate, to head the CIA. MSNBC reported on the 8th of May that Khalid Sheik Mohammed was
waterboarded 183 times. He was denied sleep for a week,
as he was chained to the ceiling with his hands above
his head . He was given forced enemas,
beaten, threatened with power drills
and guns. He was probably kept naked.
Others were immersed in cold water, made to thirst.
Abu Ghraib types of torture such as rapes, insults,
beatings were visited upon them by the agency
which actually planned the 9 11 2001 bombing
of the WTC in concert with
the government of Israel.
Please call your senators and tell
them to vote against the confirmation
of Gina Haspel.

When Gina Haspel was asked to send the tapes of the torture to Congress, she, scofflaw, denied the request and destroyed the
evidence. She knew all along that
torture was illegal.

Other advocates of torture: Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo,
Alan Dershowitz, Chief Justice John Roberts who wrote
briefs supporting torture in a lower court, John Bolton (former
meat lobbyist), and former CIA heads Leon Panetta, John Brennan, McLoughlin.

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