The Republican 'Prolife' Party Is the Party of War, Execution, and Bear Cub Murder

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51 Republican senators and 220 House members have voted to murder innocent bear cubs

51 GOP senators as well as independent King of Maine
voted to slaughter bear cubs in their dens while 46 Democrats and independent Bernie Sanders voted no.

D. Trump signed into law a bill pushed by the National Rifle Aassociation, Ryan
Zinke, serial killer of many species who heads the Dept of Interior, and the Safari
Club international which promotes trophy hunting and canned hunts (mammals trapped
inside fences shot as easily as innocent fish in a barrel). The law allows the murder of bear cubs in their dens. It allows them to be lured by food to bait stations at which they can be blown away. It allows the import of the ivory of massacred elephants.

The only Republican Senator who did not vote was the ailing Izakson who himself sponsored AETA, the bill criminalizing free speech for those protesting
slaughterhouses, laboratory research on animals etc.

In the Senate, 51 Republican senators and King of Maine voted to slaughter the cubs. 46 Democrats
and independent Bernie Sanders voted against the murder. It was initially introduced by Don Young, GOP, Alaska, often named the worst enemy of innocent animals in the House.

You have the power to vote down 35 Republican senators or candidates in the primaries
and November, as well as every Republican in the House.

In the House, 220 Republicans voted for murder and 10 against
while Democrats, 183, voted no and 5 voted yes.

Theodore Roosevelt killed hundreds of bears, but when a bear cub he had orphaned by murdering his mother wandered into camp, Roosevelt spared his life. He is more remembered for that
1 baby cub, nicknamed Teddy's bear, now teddy bear, than for the hundreds he murdered.

But Donald Trump has signed a bill allowing the murder of baby bears in their dens or lured
to bait stations to be blown away.

In addition, the Republican governor of Wyoming has
scheduled a grizzly bear hunt.

Please contact the governor, 2 senators and representative from Wyoming, all 4 Republican, to ask them to cancel the plannedslaughter called a 'hunt'.
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Note: The Safari Club gives special awards to those who murder not 300 animals but
300 different SPECIES of animals.

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