Crimes Committed By fbi & Federal Judges

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This update on crimes by fbi and fmj briefly shows at once my success in exposing those fools and the desperate antics used in their efforts to silence my voice and to stifle my pen.

As a result of my reports showing how fbi and federal magistrate judges  (fmj) plot to fraudulently imprison or kill Targets, the fmj now increase pressure on fbi to silence me.
My papers on topic include the new, unheralded and illegal quasi criminal justice system forged by fbi and this one also at

Currently, my papers draw global readers due to my podcasts with RAMOLA DHARMARAJ at links shown below.

The fbi almost daily sends hoodlum-operatives to commit assault and battery on my person in many locations. Today, the fbi psychopaths driving a new Ford truck stalked and confronted me and my wife. The two fools engaged in 4 minutes of gibberish in Spanish & English, until I finally stopped their  monologue.

The other assaults at the mall by 3 fbi psychopaths and in a theatre by a cop indicate that the fbi and the fmj are feeling the heat from my revelations of their corruption and evil. The two groups seek a way to charge me with any conceivable offense, civil or criminal.

For 35 years they fail in their cowardly and criminal plans.

I continue to deal with medical problems associated with coronary artery disease and character assassination by assassins.

1) 4-6-18
Report #59

Ramola D Reports/Report #56: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Massive Crime By FBI
Posted on April 1, 2018 |3 Comments
–Ramola D/Posted 4/1/2018

* Report #56 with running transcript:

Subject: Watch "Report #56 with Running Transcript: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower, Reports Massive Crime by FBI" on YouTube

Thank you kindly.


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