Stairway to paradise


The speed depends on the wind, so I had to read something about this region's prevailing winds. Needless to say, I needed to keep silent about the forthcoming sailing trip, otherwise it would not be a surprise.
In the winter, I chartered a Bavaria 33 sailing yacht with captain. It took the whole spring to develop a route. The final plan then coming back to the villa, and was: a week of sailing in the Adriatic Sea. We were undoubtedly blessed with the villa and our hostess.. This Croatian girl was like a guardian angel constantly.
Historical Rovinj. I admire such window views, and the church bells chime each morning.
You are able to investigate the city both day and night, when excursionists are gone and the majority of the tourists slumber, when you reside in the historic centre. Four in the morning could be the best time to sink into the historical atmosphere nearly all alone - Italy boats charter

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