3/25 Emergency Illinois/Midwest Public Workers And Communities Conference

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Chiago ATU 241 Protest MTA Cuts
UAW 5 South Bend Rally At Honeywell
Emergency Public Education & Public Workers Conf Organizing Committee

3/25 Emergency Illinois/Midwest Public Workers And Communities Conference
The War On Labor And How To Fight Back And Win! Emergency United Public Workers, Education and Community Conference
Emergency United Public Workers, Education and Community Conference
Saturday March 25, 2017 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Channing Murray Center
1209 W Oregon St, Urbana, IL 61801
Champaign, Illinois

On the 80th anniversary of the Flint Sit down in 1937, the survival of labor is again at stake. Already 29 states are union busting open shop and politicians both Democrat and Republicans are attacking public worker benefits, pensions and union rights. The want to eliminate all defined public and private pensions and privatize social security while the billionaires get tax breaks. The 1% took our homes in 2008 and now they want all our pensions and union jobs.

The Mask Is Off
Over 40 years workers in the US have seen our jobs outsourced through NAFTA and other trade agreements written by the multi-national who really run America and the world. Now they want to finish off every union in the country. They are not waiting another day and right after the election they passed right to work in Missouri and are seeking the same agenda in Illinois and every other state.
WE had the power in 1937 and we have the power today but we have to prepare for the war. All unions need to unite including those without contracts. The days of each union fighting for themselves alone is over. The union busters are united and now is the time to unite ourselves so we can win our fights.

A defeat of one union is a defeat of all. Business unionism which means no labor education, no real solidarity and collaboration with the bosses has to go. This conference will hear from workers who are fighting back and how we can win. We know we cannot win with top down corporate unionism where hundreds of millions of our dues go to politicians that then sell us down the river. We need our own democratic workers party that will have a program for working people and is run for working people.

We will also discuss how to directly link up with workers of Mexico and the United States. NAFTA has pitted workers in the US against workers in Mexico when we have the same enemies and union busters. We need to cancel NAFTA and support direct links and solidarity between the workers of Mexico, Canada and the US. We need to stand up against the racist hysteria and raids to terrorize the immigrant community. These raids are not about terrorizing our fellow workers and their families because of a different nationality, color, race or religion. This will be used to further divide all working people so the bosses can win.

In Illinois, the governor wants to bust AFSCME and other state unions and the Democratic Mayor wants to weaken and bust ATU 308 and ATU 241. They also want to destroy our public education system by replacing public schools with charters and privatizing every public school and all public services for the billionaires. From Flint and Detroit to hundreds of cities our public services are being outsourced and destroyed.
We will hear from workers in these union struggles and develop a plan to unite our fights and also develop a labor media channel so that all our struggles can be united on the internet and be linking together.
Divided We Fall, United We Stand and If We Don't Fight For Ourselves No One Will Fight For US

9:00 AM Registration
9:30 AM Welcome and introductions
David Johnson,
Steve Zeltzer, United Public Workers For Action, KPFA WorkWeek Radio, Defend Public Education NOW

9:45 AM
The Attack on Education Workers, DeVos, Charters, Vouchers and Privatization
Andrea Hererra, GEO/Graducate Employees Union At University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Gus Wood AFT Graduate Students Illinois Urbana*
Steve Zeltzer, UPWA and Defend Public Education NOW!

11:30 AM
The attack on public workers in Illinois and the Midwest
Nadja Robot ( President AFSCME local 3700 U of I Clericals )
Aron Ammons ( SEIU President U of I )
RiChard Jackson, ATU 836 President Grand Rapids
Erek Slater, ATU 241 Executive Board* Chicago
Chris Clark, AFSCME Local12 University of Iowa

Music and or films

1:00 PM Fighting Back, Winning And Lessons of Struggles for the Future
Todd Tredder, UAW 9 President Honeywell South Bend Indiana
Mike Griffin, War Zone Education Foundation and UBC Retired Decatur, Illinois
Frank Hammer UAW Local 909 President and Shop Chair retired, Auto Workers Caravan Detroit
Scott Houldieson UAW 551 VP Ford Chicago

2:30 PM
International Fightback and Lessons Of Privatization And Global Action
Herbert Claros da Silva, GM Embraer Mechanic Conlutas Labor Media, Vice-presidente do Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de São Jose dos Campos e região
Columbian GM Workers
Turkey Teachers And Solidarity Against Firing and Privatization

3:30 PM
Building a labor communications media network and labor channels for locals and struggles

Actions/Proposals To Defeat Union Busters and Attack on Public Workers and Public Education to Defend Public Services/Public Education
Vote On Proposals

Initial sponsors:
David Johnson, Illinois World Labor Hour Radio 90.1 FM/IWW
United Public Workers For Action
David Johnson, Illinois World Labor Hour Radio 90.1 FM/IWW
IWW Madison, WI
David L. Williams IWW Madison and AFSCME Retired
Mike Griffin, Retired UBC and War Zone Foundation

$20.00 Sliding scale and free to strikers and locked out workers


*For identification only
For information and to register contact David Johnson (217) 721-0583

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