Two Chicago police officers who sodomized man with screwdriver are still on the force 

New York Daily News

A young black man was sodomized with a screwdriver by a Chicago cop. A nine-member jury determined that he did it. A United States District Court judge determined that he was guilty and that judge also determined that both officers involved lied under oath.

Officers Scott Korhonen and Gerald Lodwich are still employed by the Chicago Police Department to this very day. Lodwich made $90,618 last year as an officer. The rapist Scott Korhonen made $87,384.

These men not only avoided jail time, they kept their jobs in law enforcement — in spite of costing the city nearly $5 million and multiple independent investigations finding that they were guilty of several felonies.

This is unthinkable. It is criminal. It is indicative of every single thing that is wrong with policing in America. These men should be fired immediately. No doubt the statute of limitations may have passed for their crimes, but they must never be in law enforcement again.

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