the work of the drug dealers

Elder at the Voice from the Wilderness

Hard work is never wasted.

By Elder at the Voice of the Wilderness

The DEA is considering rescheduling marijuana. This would open up the possibility of research into the assorted medical uses of the age old herb. Over the centuries marijuana has been used to treat pain, child birth, nausea, worms, blood clots, nose bleeds, wounds, menstrual troubles, fevers, seizures and glaucoma.

Being a long time user of assorted herbs myself, and having spent years of study, the main reason I have not been a fan of marijuana as an herbal remedy is because its constituents and potency are unreliable. You would never know exactly what you get not even from one plant to the next.

In the early 1900's popular use began to change from making rope to making smokes. In the mid 1900's it was made illegal, but a market had grown up so the sellers continued producing it. In order to improve their product and therefore their profits the growers developed assorted strains of the plant and improved growing methods and processes. Well lo and behold, in their efforts to produce a good black market drug they managed to develop the ability to control the chemical content and potency of marijuana products. This is a very new development.

So now we have the ability to harness all those medicinal values of marijuana. Thanks to the illegal drug trade.

Give the devil his due.

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