How does it feel to lose the war, America?

Wort Runner

Hello America. How does it feel to lose the war? The drug war I mean. You have your heads so far in the ground you probably don't even know what I mean. It is more about war than you ever knew.
If we had bombarded you with bullets and bombs you would have all pulled together and driven us away. By bombarding you with drugs we have ruined your children and your labor force and your schools and businesses and instead of uniting to fight us off you have turned on each other. Lock them up and throw away the key. United we stand, you said. And then you threw it away. Ha ha ha. So now you have so few people who can run or work for your businesses that we are buying them up right from under you. Ha ha ha.
We sent you the drugs and promised you comfort and enlightenment. Instead you got confusion and sickness. Once you were hooked it was too late, the drugs twisted the logical judgment of your brain and you couldn't think your way out of it. The few of you who refused the drugs are crippled by the loss of their families and friends and neighbors. United we stand, you said. And then you threw it away. Ha ha ha
It's over. Time to stop fighting. Time to learn to obey your new masters. The people you believe you are superior to. The peoples you used to send care packages to have come back to conquer you.

Ha ha ha
part one we bombard you with drugs so you destroy your own people

part II Go ahead, build a wall

You have lost the war on drugs. We have won. Drugs are the new oil. Remember in days gone by when the oil cartels would set controls on prices and availability of oil and throw your country into chaos. The economy would shrivel in the high prices and during times of controlled availability you would burn up what little gas you had waiting in long lines.
Now that we have built up such an army of addicts and drug networks in your country just think how it will be when we start excercising controls on the prices and supplies. When we raise the prices your addicts will be going crazy stealing and killing to get the money they need to get their drugs. When we reduce the supply, the big part of your economy that you do not admit exists will be out of work. I wonder will your addicts believe your sellers when they say there are no drugs? Believe or not believe what will the addicts do when cut off from their drugs?
We will have you twitching and convulsing in the throes of misery when we tighten up the controls. You thought the control of your oil was bad? Just wait til you see.

You have lost the war.

How does it feel?

part III drugs: the new oil

part IV the addiction gene

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