Audio from Chicago Teachers Strike panel at the 2014 Chicago Book Expo

Mitchell Szczepanczyk

This is the full unedited audio of the Chicago Teachers Strike panel at the 2014 Chicago Book Expo, recorded on December 6, 2014. The panel was moderated by Mitchell Szczepanczyk. The full text of the event is recopied below:

Journalists Micah Uetricht (Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity) and Kari Lydersen (Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago’s 99%) discuss the Chicago Teachers’ Strike, Chicago politics, and the upcoming mayoral election. Uetricht is a contributing editor for In These Times and an assistant editor for Jacobin. Lydersen is a research associate for the Medill Watchdog Project at Northwestern and author of four books, including Revolt on Goose Island. (Room 808)

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